Warranty Conditions

Ⅰ. Refund and Replacement
1.1 Conditional Replacement Service within 15 days
If the products purchased from our official website have functional faulty, you can apply to replace a new one within 15 days since the purchase date (are subject to parcel receipt).

1.2 Validity of three guarantees
Within Validity of three guarantees, if there is functional faulty and not be repaired within 30 days since the date of returning and receiving, Dobot will be liable for refund the product with the same model and specification. However, if there is no the same model and specification but confirm to the condition of refunding within three guarantees, customers are not willing to exchange other models or specification and ask for returning, then Dobot will offer return service.

Ⅱ. After-sales Service Policy
2.1 Warranty Coverage
The warranty policy is the latest after-sales service in 2016. It is subject to the product purchased after August 20, 2016.
The following various parts of Dobot Magician warranty period is 1 year: Robot arm, gripper, pen holder, 3D printing kit, Bluetooth module, WIFI module, stick controller kit, and LEAP MOTION
Note: The following items do not included in warranty service: Suction cup, servo, laser kit (laser engraving & gray engraving), 3D printing-supplies and other wear-and-tear parts.

2.2 Product Maintenance
2.2.1 Our goods come with guarantees that Dobot agrees to repair or replace a product during the warranty period. If the products have Non-artificial quality question, please contact our customer service and check the problems with technical personnel:
(1) If problems can be solved by replaced accessories, we will send corresponding components as your replacement for free.
(2) If the product need to be repaired, users can send it back, the postage should be paid by the buyer, and we will arrange relevant after-sales staffs to repair ASAP. You will only be eligible for our Dobot Warranty Service where the following conditions are met:
The product must not have been subjected to abnormal or unauthorized used, as intended by the manufacturer during the warranty period.
No unauthorized disassembling, modification or installation has been performed on the product or a component.
You provide a valid proof-of-purchase, receipt or order number (for Dobot Direct Sales). The following situations are not covered by the Dobot Warranty Service:

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, shell opening not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.
  • Damage caused by improper installation, incorrect use or operation not in
  • accordance with the official instructions or manuals.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repair.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuits, mismatch or misuse of power source.
  • Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthenticated third-party parts.

2.2.2. Customer Paid Repair Service
(1) When a failure happens on our product, you can replace accessories to solve the problem by yourself, then we will quote for accessories at the most favorable price; if users accept the cost, we will send to you the components directly and also can offer replacement guidance.

(2) If diagnosis need to be sent back and can be repaired, we will tell you what these costs will be before you return a product to us for diagnosis. If you accept the cost, then we will repair and send back to you. But you will be liable for the postage back and forth of your product(s).

Customer Paid Repair Service will include the following items: Products that are no longer covered under the Dobot Warranty Regulation. All other situations that do not meet with the conditions pursuant to the Dobot Warranty Regulation.

Ⅲ. Way of Three Guarantees
Please call us at +86-0755-33100907 or email us at support@dobot.cc right the first time.

Ⅳ. Exception Clause
Please read all rules very carefully! Any question should be made before purchasing, otherwise you will agree to the following terms:

4.1 Product Problem
Robotic arm, a Mechanical & Electrical Integration with a certain level professional nature. Please be fully aware of its functions, operation method, related performance parameters, safety precaution, and possible risk before purchasing. If you have any question, please communicate with our salesman.

4.2 Refund and Replacement Service
Refund and replacement service is not supported on the condition that the products are unpacked or the product are not functional faulty after signing for parcel.(If there is functional faulty with the product, please contact online customer service, if necessary, please take a photo or upload a video to confirm with our service personnel. ) If the product itself cannot work properly within 15 days since the purchase date (are subject to parcel receipt), please contact our customer service to confirm; if the product problem still cannot be solved, please apply for an exchange or repair. (Note: The product problem refers to the functional faulty itself but not artificial damage, improper use or any other problems.)

4.3 After-sales Service
We will offer users repaired service related to the product according to above terms.

4.4 Force Majeure
Not be liable for damage caused by any event or circumstance beyond control regarded as Force Majeure but not restricted to fire, wind, flood, earthquake, explosion, rebellion, epidemic, quarantine and segregation.

NOTE: * Please kindly check all above agreement, any comments should be made before purchasing, purchase agreement will go into effect immediately after bid our goods. * The quality guarantee terms are only available for customers purchased from official website directly, while other quality assurance and support are transferred to agents. * If there are quality problem or deficiency during the service, please email us immediately, we will look into the problem and find a solution in time.