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The flow chart of writing as follows:writing overview

Step 1: Pen Installationpen installation

Step 2: Terminal Option

Install the Pen as introduced above. We provide two approaches for writing with Pen and brush. The difference is that we need put brush over the paper a few millimeters before it starts writing, since otherwise the ink will puddle up. But for pen, we can directly position it on the paper. Therefore, there is a textbox for brush which is the estimated height to drop before the writing process starts.

Step 3: Start Writing

1.Put the robot arm to a proper position to ensure the writing can be performed within its limit. Turn on the power of the controller box to lock the robot arm, and press the reset button so that current joint angles are measured again.

2. Set writing parameters: In Config Dobot module there is a Write tab where the acceleration of the writing process can be set. Acc= 50 for Writing is recommended, as shown in figure 3.

writing parameter

Figure 2 writing parameter

3. Open Write module from the main window.

4. Choose Pen or Brush option; if it is brush, enter the estimated height of the brush so it will drop on the paper at the beginning of the writing process, as shown in figure4.

brush down

Figure 3 set parameter for the brush to come down

5. Click OpenFile and select a *.plt file that you want to write, e.g. ‘Love Letter.plt’. Click Start to begin.user interface

Figure 4 writing user interface

The effect is shown as below:


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