Dobot Arm V1.0 Quick Start Guide

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 Step1: Download Software and Install Arduino Driver

1.Download software from our website: 2.Install Arduino drivers. You can download Arduino from or directly from our website. Download software from Dobot website
DobotTools: Basic version,including functions of Teach & playback,writing,drawing,laser engraving and mouse control. Download DobotApplication:Professional version, two more functions comparing to basic function,leap motion and EEG.Download check whether Arduino is installed properly in Device Manager.
Check installed Arduino in Device Manager

Step2: Connect Cable

1.Connect the stepper motors according to labels (Stepper_L, Stepper_R, Stepper_rot ) on the black cable.Note: Stepper_L and Stepper_R subject to right ahead Dobot body. 2.Connect the angle sensors: loosen the neighboring screws before inserting the sensor modular. Connect the Dobot stepper motors3.Connect the servo Note: servo cable connection order: orange to white; red to red; brown to black. Connect servo cable 4.connect air tube and suction cup 5.connect power cable and USB cable Correct inatllation diagram of the sensor rear arm datails 

Step3: Start Dobot

1.Put Dobot in the following recommended position 2.Power up 3.Reset dobot arm reach Info about the recommended position: When Dobot is powered up at a limited position, it will be locked up and not capable of moving. The angle sensors have more accurate readings when it is positioned in less than 45°regarding the horizontal plane, which gives a good start for Dobot. Info about Reset: Dobot requires a reset to get the current angle sensor reading after powering up. 

Step4: Run the software (DobotApplication/ DobotTools) and Play!

Operation instruction of software interfaceDobotapplication interface1. Jog Mode: you can set Axis Mode or Linear Mode. 2. Jog Button:hold the button to move robot. 3. Velocity Ratio:change the jog velocity. 4. End Effector Operation: Turn ON/OFF the pump or OPEN/CLOSE the Gripper. 5. Current State: A table showing current joint angle value,coordinate of end,and default MotionStyle and PauseTime. 6. Playback List: table of saved points, which can be edited. 7. Save: add a point to the playback list. 8. Start/Stop: start/stop playback. 9. Import/Export: import(export) the playback list from(to) an .xml file. 10. Loop Number: set how many to repeat the playback list;Current Loop: index of the loop has been sent to controller. 11. Velocity Ratio & Acceleration Ratio:Set the velocity/acceleration ratio for playback. 

Step5: Let's Play

Click Range①,change JogMode to liner mode. Place one small object(such as mobile phone) near Dobot,,click Range② to operate Dobot and move above the small object,then click ⑥, open the pump, and the small object will be sucked up. Click ⑦ to save one point. Now turn back Range ②, click Z+ firstly, then raise the height of mobile phone, next move Dobot on another place, place the object on desk, click ⑥, close pump at last. Click ⑦ to save another point. Click Z+, place the object to original location. Click ⑧ start, task for moving the object from current location to another location is completed successfully.
run dobot arm v1.0
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