New Year Special Limited

Redefine REAL Gimbal?

  • Advanced Motors
  • Sophisticate Autotrack Algorithm
  • 0.01 Degree Accuracy

Self-Controlled Permanent Magnet Motor Makes It Stable and Precise

Sourced from robotic joint stability technology, combined with high-sensitive sensors From 3 different dimensions, remove any possible bumps and shakes during shooting videos Even starters can shoot smooth video easily like movie!

Smart Auto-track, Follow Easily

Smart auto-track function makes you shoot running animals or persons at ease What you need is to open RiGIET app, box the object in mobile screen No matter how you move, RiGIET can follow up closely Not only keep the object always in the center, but also make it smooth like silk

Livestream with Filters, Share Your Best Moments Anytime Anywhere

8 different filters for you to switch different shooting styles, Access to various livestream websites like YouTube easily, share your best moment anytime anywhere

Smartphone & GoPro & Tripod Supported, Width Between 56mm-85mm

With counterweight, DOBOT Rigiet - New Year Special Limited can balance heavy smartphone and GoPro easily,Perfect fit all 6-inch or below smartphones, iOS and Android supported,Upgrade firmware online, improve RiGIET performance continuously

2-Way Charging, Enjoy Endless Happiness

Packed with a chargeable Lithium-ion battery, 3340mAh You can charge gimbal as well as cellphone, it also supports extra power bank Keeps gimbal and smartphone always power on Livestream 12 hours? No problem! Enjoy the endless happiness

Timelapse & Slowmotion Supported

One-click Panorama, Superwide Lens

RiGIET can merge panorama images automatically 3 different shooting modes, 2 different superwide panorama angles – 180-degree and 330-degree are ready for you

4 Handheld Shooting Ways, Shoot as You Like

Intuitive design with Advanced AI algorithm,Make sure RiGIET can switch freely between 4 different handheld shooting ways: Flat, Inversion, Forward, Vertical modes Enjoy the easy life!

  • Flat
  • Inversion
  • Forward
  • Vertical

One Button to Control All, Save Time and Focus

RiGIET designed to merge multifunction into one joystick , Save time and effort to run function in mobile screen, you can focus on shooting, control easily