Best 3 Free STL Editor To Help You Edit STL File For 3D Printing

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3D has disruptively revolutionized the world, and more importantly the manufacturing sector. Even though 3D printing has been invented three decades ago, it has gained popularity and prominence in the last decade, thanks to the extensive exposure happened through the digital media, and especially the internet. 3D printing allows people to build custom products, devices, tools, and many more with utmost ease and comfort. But when it comes to 3D printing, most people wonder how to edit STL files. Usually, a free STL editor will do the job here, but it’s important to choose the best STL editing software to obtain optimum results.

Edit STL file for 3D Printing

Why would someone need an STL editor?

The process of 3D printing starts with modeling a blueprint for the object that is supposed to be created and ends with printing out the object according to the blueprint. Basically, the development of a proper blueprint is very essential here. The most used format in the 3D printing spectrum is none other than the STL. Although there are ready-made STL files available, they really can’t be customized to a person’s liking and ironically 3D printing is all about customizations. So, an STL editor comes into the play here, as it can help by leaps and bounds in developing an STL file, which would the blueprint for an object that is intended to be printed. An STL allows all types of customization and editing of an STL file to eventually obtain the appropriate design.

With an STL editor, one could easily educate themselves about the ins and outs of the 3D printing process, along with learning how to utilize the STL files to print their design properly. Furthermore, by using an STL editor to craft a great design, people can find their sense of achievement, since this whole process involves creativity. Additionally, someone who knows how to use an STL editor properly to print out various designs can easily make some decent amounts of money by selling their custom designs and products through online stores. There are many a man who’s making a living by selling their STL designs online.

Here are the Top 3 free STL editor:

Since an STL editor plays a very important role in the process of 3D printing and design making, it’s essential that one should choose a free STL editor to edit STL files. Here’s a list of the 3 best STL editing software:

FreeCAD: This STL is both free and open source to all. This free STL editor comes with multiple features under different categories. To design perfect 3D printing models, FreeCAD provides some highly effective features under Drawing, Draft, and Design categories. This free STL editor can be downloaded here.


  • 1. The first step in using FreeCAD to edit STL files begin with opening the software and creating a new document by selecting ‘File’ and then ‘New’.
  • 2. Now, it’s time to click on File and then Import to choose the object that is supposed to be edited. FreeCAD not only supports STL format but also AST and OBJ as well.
  • 3. The next step is to set the workbench option as ‘Part’.
  • 4. In the ‘Model’ window, the imported object must be selected.
  • 5. After the object is displayed, clicking on any face that is supposed to be modified.
  • 6. Clicking on the Sketch option allows users to create a shape or edit the existing one.

Blender: This free STL editor is one of highly advanced and sophisticated out there, packed up with many effective and efficient features. It not only supports 3D printing models and editing, but also video clips, game designs, and much more. It also comprises of various advanced algorithms that allow users to smoother and perfect a model surface. For someone who focuses on minute details in editing STL files, Blender is the way to go.


  1. 1. Clicking on File ->Import->STL allows users to select and import the STL file that they want to edit or modify.
  2. 2. By changing the mode from Object to Edit, the user will be able to see all the components of their design.
  3. 3. Now, with the designing options of Blender, the user can simply edit, add or remove any component of their design to get the desired design they want.
  4. 4. Finally, after completing the editing part, the design can be exported by clicking, File, Export, and then selecting STL files.

MeshMixer: One of the best and most user-friendly STL editor software is none other than the MeshMixer. This free STL editor is very easy to user, which is why most beginners prefer using this software to edit STL files. MeshMixer also features a built-in slicer tool, which allows the user to export the modified/edited design directly to the 3D printer.


  1. 1. The import option in the File menu allows for the importing of an STL file.
  2. 2. The next step is to click on the Make Solid option in the Edit menu.
  3. 3. The select option in the main menu of this software lets users mark the objects in a design to delete or edit.
  4. 4. MeshMix option helps in opening new forms or shapes to be added to the design.
  5. 5. After the completion of the editing process, the design can be exported simply through the Export option in the File menu.

Anyone who’s into 3D printing, designing new models, or simply enthusiastic about this industry are more than welcome to network with us by sharing information or related websites. Additionally, any user who has their own designs or products are warmly welcomed to share their work, which can benefit them with their sales. Reviews are simply entertained as well as previous experiences.

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