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Auto-Track to Catch Every Moment

Through the Rigiet app, simply drag-and-drop any object you want to auto-track. Rigiet will follow the object and keep it in the frame for a perfect shot. Sourced from advanced algorithm of artificial intelligence, it can ensure that the target to be captured in the center of the image. No matter how the photographer or the target to be photographed move, it allows to capture stable and smooth images just like film.

Stable Motors and Precise Machine

Each Rigiet is outfitted with 3 precision motors which have obtained international patents. The precision motors, originated from robot joint technology, with the precision up to 0.01°, far surpass common consumer-class electronic products. It makes Rigiet to have an ultra stabilizing effect with professional robotic manipulator, which can run in an extremely sensitive and smooth manner.

Motion Timelapse to Show the Passing of Time

Motion Timelapse function allows you to take wonderful pictures and record the passing of time. The motion time-lapse function can also support user-defined shooting route and time interval for shooting creative photos with your own style.

Easy-to-use Button Control Panel

The control panel is what makes Rigiet special. Our easy-to-use control panel allows you to quickly switch between photo and video mode, front and rear camera and zoom in and out. Just a touch by your finger-tip allows you to operate Rigiet in an easy manner. Free your hands, eyes and brain, it allows you to lay more focus on the target to be captured without distraction.

Long Lasting and Two-Way Charging

Rigiet is provided with pioneered design of charge port for smartphone, which can charge your smartphone during the shooting. It can also use replaceable 18650 rechargeable battery, which is universal model with capacity up to 3340mAh. Besides, Rigiet also supports charging of external power source during the operation. It can charge both Rigiet and smartphone without any influence of shooting. Even when it is used for 24-hour live show, you can also use it in an amazing manner.

  • All-direction Photography
  • Multiple Filters
  • Live Streaming
  • Material & Design

Take Picture from Any Direction

The exquisite design of precision motor of Rigiet allows it to change the axis in an all-around and flexible manner and support such three handle holding postures as standard, vertical and upside-down. It has solved the pain point of general smartphone stabilizer, which must be held in a fixed posture during the use. The Auto/Manual can be chosen for adjusting the shooting angle at will. It can bring an easy use experience to you.

Brilliant Views Created by Multiple Filters

Rigiet provides several filters, which allows the same picture with diverse styles in presentation. Without need of retouching, you can directly take pictures with different styles.

Share Your Life to Social Media Network

With Rigiet, you can share your favorite moments with your friends and family through a livestream on any social media network.

Advanced Technology in All Details

Rigiet adopts advanced machining technique. The space aluminum body elaborately machined by 36 CNC procedures and refinedly polished to the result as exquisite for smartphone shell. The handle design is in line with ergonomics.

Support Most Smartphones and Action Cameras

Rigiet can perfectly support most smartphones with Android or iOS operating system. Moreover, it can be carried with GoPro and YI series action cameras. In addition, Rigiet supports online firmware upgrade to optimize the design and enrich the functions.

Rigiet supports most models of iPhone, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, MI, MEIZU, ZTE, Samsung and other mainstream brands.

(For details on models and size range of smartphones it supports, please see technical parameters )

Rigiet supports GoPro Hero 3/4/5, GoPro session, YI action camera, YI 4K and other action cameras.

Your Multi-Functional Assistant in Photography