DOBOT MOOZ Specifications

Mooz Model
  • MOOZ-2 Education
Dimensions285 * 285 * 318mm
Number of Modules4
Forming Size130 * 130 * 130mm
Main MaterialAircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
Operation PanelTouch Screen, 3.5 inches
Adapter Input100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.8Amax
Adapter Output12V~6.5A
3D Printing
Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
Layer Resolution0.05~0.3 mm
Supported Materials1.75mm PLA, TPU, PETG, & Flexible Materials
Effective Printing Speed0 ~ 80mm/s
Nozzle Temp250℃ Max.
Heat Bed Temp80℃ Max. (25℃ambient temp.)
Laser Engraving
Laser Power0.5W
Supported Materialswood, bamboo, leather, paper, plastic, fabric, & non-transparent acrylic
CNC Carving
Spindle Speed8000rpm Max
CNC Chuck Clamp Range0~4mm
Size of Standard CNC Bit3.175mm * 0.3mm * 30° V cutter
Supported Materialswood, bamboo, acrylic, PCB, carbon fiber sheet, plastic, etc
Shipping List
  • MOOZ-1z
  • MOOZ-2z
  • MOOZ 2 Plus

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