The DOBOT M1+AGV experimental development platform is an all-perceptive experimental platform that combines self-developed collaborative robots and intelligent mobile chassis. It can simulate various practical application scenarios, including target secondary positioning, logistics and material handling, path planning and automatic tracing. The platform can satisfy your conceptual understanding and experimental needs of industrial robots, AGV, MES and intelligent manufacturing by perfectly combining industry, university and research to achieve a seamless switch between the laboratory and the factory.

Modular design, highly flexible
Modular design Highly flexible

The modular design of the hardware kits makes it easy to install and assemble. Users can select different modules according to specific teaching needs and talent training directions to facilitate the skill learning process of basic operations of the robot.

Support secondary development
Support secondary development Strong expandability

Several expandable interfaces are reserved to support secondary development. Developed on a super open ROS platform, it can raise the students’ imagination to a higher level.

Powerful auto navigation and control

Combined with the environment perception, accurate mapping, positioning and navigation, safe obstacle avoidance, multi-point cruise and other functions carried by intelligent mobile robots, it can realize a safe and efficient material capture and delivery in a wide range of space.

Abundant teaching resources
Abundant teaching resources

Teaching modules such as basic instruction, path planning, object transporting and robot vision are provided to make it convenient for learning operation skills of industrial robots, step by step.

Gross Weight
Gross Weight50kg
Robot Arm
Horizontal Range400mm
Vertical Range225mm
Effective Payload1.5Kg
Maximum Speed1.0m/s
Cruise Time3 Hours
Obstruction Clearance Altitude8mm
Mapping and LocalizationSupport
Route PlanningSupport
Mobile APPSupport
Auto ChargingSupport
Three-phase DC brushless motor2 (with a hall effect encoder)
Laser Radar1
Ultrasonic Sensor5
Infrared Sensor5