Payment Methods

Currently we can only accept PayPal, Debit and Credit Card (We accept VISA, DISCOVER, MasterCard, American Express with PayPal) on as payment method.

Payment Methods

and if above options are not for you, you can also choose Bank Transfer:

Bank transfer

Here are the how-to tutorials: 

Part One: How to Pay with PayPal account?

Step 1: Navigate to the menus bar to click any product you want to purchase, here we would like to take DOBOT Magician as example.

Choose one product to buy

Step 2: Click Buy Now button in the first screen:

Click "Buy Now" Button

Step 3: Pick up the right plan and click Buy Now again.

Step 4: Now you are shopping cart page, you have 2 options to check out

  • Option 1 - checkout with PayPal Express directly, which will redirect you to PayPal popup login screen directly to complete the payment as Guest

Paypal payment

  • Option 2 - checkout with Billing Information, input all necessary information in the red rectangular area, you can check up to Create an Account (if you didn't register in our website before) in the bottom of shipping address

Billing details

Then you can proceed to PayPal directly here.

2. How to pay with Debit or Credit Card?

Same steps as above from one to three, when comes to step four, you can click Pay with Debit or Credit Card if you don't have PayPal account. Now you can input your debit or credit card information to complete the payment. We accept VISA, DISCOVER, MasterCard, American Express. 

Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Please Note:

Please understand that all orders will be reviewed by our staff one by one, we have rights to cancel or refund your order because of various reasons to protect the payment safety as per the PayPal policy. For example, if your billing address is not the same as your PayPal information, the payment will be rejected and PayPal will take it as suspicious. And please make sure that your account had already been verified by PayPal or we still can't get your payment. 

At the same time, all transaction happened via PayPal will occur transaction fee, which will be vary from 3%-7% or more, it depends on PayPal policy, that won't be on our account. 

3. How to pay with Bank Transfer

Step 1: If above payment methods are not suitable for you, please check the total payment online first (register an account to check your shipping fee), you can transfer the payment to our official bank accounts directly:

BENEFICIARY: Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co.,Ltd
A/C NO.: 752370782905

BENEFICIARY: Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co.,Ltd
A/C NO.: 41013900040014223
BANK ADD: 1/F, Sangdanhuayuan 2nd Phase, Pingshan Yi Rd, University Town, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.

Step 2: Don't forget to email to with following information:

  • 1. your registered account
  • 2. payment information (it takes several days for our financial department to confirm the payment)
  • 3. the product you want to purchase

Step 3: After we confirmed the payment, your package will be shipped to your shipping address(Billing address) in your registered account. 

DON'T FORGET TO ADD THE SHIPPING FEE IN YOUR PAYMENT (the shipping fee is only available for registered account, register account here)

If you still have more questions about payment, please email to