5.1.3        Installing M1Studio


You have obtained the M1Studio software.


Step 1         Decompress the M1Studio software.

If the directory containing decompressed M1Studio files is E:\M1Studio. Please replace the directory based on site requirements.

Step 2         Double-click M1Studio.exe in the E:\M1Studio directory.

The Select Setup Language page is displayed

Step 3         Choose the installation language based on site requirements.

Step 4         Click Next.

Step 5         Click Browse… to choose the installation path of M1Studio on the Setup-M1Studio page, and click Next.

Figure 5.1  The M1Studio installation GUI


Step 6         Select Create a desktop shortcut and click Next.

Step 7         Click Install.

After 40 seconds later, the FTDI CDM Drivers page is displayed, as shown in Figure 5.2.

Figure 5.2  FTDI CDM Drivers GUI


Step 8         Install the USB driver as the tips on the FTDI CDM Drivers page.

Step 9         Click Next on the Setup-M1Studio page after the USB driver has been installed.

Step 10      Click Finish.

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