3.2      Installing the Base of Dobot M1

The stability of Dobot M1 depends on the installation of the base of Dobot M1. You can design the platform according to the size of the hole of the base and the real environment for fixing Dobot M1. The platform must not only bear Dobot M1, but also bear the dynamic force by the maximum acceleration. Note the following before installing the platform.

Ÿ   Design the platform according to the workspace of Dobot M1, and ensure that Dobot M1 moves without interference.

Ÿ   Keep the platform level which is used to support Dobot M1.

Ÿ   Do not put water or other drinks near or on the platform, in order to avoid potential safety hazard because of liquid leakage.


Step 1         Check the packaging of Dobot M1, and confirm that the contents of the box are consistent with the packaging list.

Step 2         Open the holes on the work platform according to the size of the hole of the base.

Figure 3.1 shows the size of hole of the base.

Figure 3.1  Size of the base


Step 3         Move Dobot M1 to the platform, align the base of Dobot M1 with the holes, and then use the hexagon wrench and six M6 bolts to fix Dobot M1.

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