Position Repeatability0.02mm

Maximum Payload6kg

Net Weight47kg

Working Range

Application Scenarios

Inspecting, assembling, measuring, sanding, polishing, sorting, material loading and unloading

Control System

Model Number:DT-DB-SC161-00I

Controlled Axes:6 Axes+External Expansion Axes

Input Power:single phase 220V/230V AC,15A,50/60HZ

Output Power:24V DC,14.6A

Supported Motor Power (Max.):all axes:750W

Braking Resistors:80W,80Ωx3

Supported Types of Encoders:Panasonic, TAMAGAWA, Nikon, Nidec, BISS-C

Communication Interface:EtherCAT (External Axes), Ethernet

I/O Interface:

5-channel ralay output
16-channel digital output
24-channel digital input
2-channel analog output (0V-10V,4mA-20mA)
4-channel analog input(0V-10V,4mA-20mA)

Method of Teach & Playback:Hand-Held Teach Pendant

Programming Language:Lua


Environment:Temperature:0℃~45℃ / Humidity:≤95%,No Condensation

Protection Rating:IP20

Cooling Method:Forced-Air Cooling

Safety Features:Emergency stop function, reserved external security interface that can be controlled by I/O interface

Indicator:The indicator light will be steady red when the power is on; the indicator light will be off when the power is off.

Maintenance:Diagnostic Software Tool, Power-off Zero Save, Reserve Remote Service