DOBOT SR Robotic Arm Series
Fully Self-developed
Fully Self-developed Highly Cost-effective

Equipped with 100% self-developed encoders, controllers and drivers in main technological areas including vision, control, drivers and robotic body, DOBOT SR Robots reduce the cost to an extreme extent thanks to its core technology of four-in-one servo driver.

All Perception
All-perceptive Man-machine collaboration

Combining identification of full-parameter dynamic model, auto-adaption of parameters and estimation of external force on the payload, DOBOT SR Robots realize force perception, collision detection, intelligent picking and hand-held teaching with 2D and 3D visual aids. Besides, the deployment is super easy.

Optimal Dynamic Control
Optimal Dynamic Control Fast, precise and endurable

As the dynamic feedforward keeps stable trajectory and optimal operating time, the robotic arm can automatically run on the best accelerating and decelerating parameters. Controlled and constrained by torque, both high speed and long operating life of the whole machine are fairly ensured.

Lightweight Integration
Lightweight Integration Quick Deployment

Featuring lightweight and compact design, integrated driver and controller, DOBOT SR robot is easy to move with its small size. Simple and flexible deployment makes it possible to quickly switch operations without changing the layout of the production line.

Simplify Industry
Simplify Industry Visual Applications

One button to control automatic calibration, tool compensation and visual correction. Guided visual application, vision kit and quick visual integration.

DOBOT 4-axis Robotic Arm Series

Optimal dynamic time control
Auto-operate at perfect parameters

Same track at high/low speed
What you see is what you get

Vision kit available
High-accuracy visual applications

Application Scenarios:Inspecting, assembling, measuring, polishing, sorting, material loading and unloading

DOBOT 6-axis Robotic Arm Series

Easy-to-move integrated design
Quick and flexible Employment

Dynamic Torque Control
Faster, Stable and Endurable

Advanced Dynamic Track
Smooth controlling Experience

User Guided
Palletizing kit

Application Scenarios:Inspecting, assembling, measuring, polishing, sorting, material loading and unloading