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Education 4.0 Made Simple with DOBOT at Bett Educar 2019


DOBOT creates multifaceted robots to facilitate practical education in schools and universities.

São Paulo, Brazil - From May 14th to 17th, DOBOT brought a variety of educational robot products and its unique solutions for facilitating education to Bett Educar 2019, sharing the concept of artificial intelligence education and its latest practices about STEAM, project-based learning, and learning spaces.

DOBOT stand at Bett Educar 2019

This is the second time for DOBOT to come to the grand event in Brazil to share leading STEAM education products and solutions with educators, learners from all over the world. DOBOT’s products: the all-in-one STEAM education robot DOBOT Magician and the multi-functional modular 3D printer DOBOT MOOZ became the highlights of the show, attracting numerous visitors to watch and get hands-on experiences of these helpful tools suitable for education.

For Education

Destined to help education keep up with the rapid technology development, DOBOT carries on the mission to better prepare young learners and lay a solid foundation for tomorrow's workforce. Abundant kits for DOBOT Magician are available to teach students how to pick & place objects, 3D print, laser engrave, and even perform movements via hand gestures! Numerous visitors are immediately attracted to experience the fun of controlling the robot for various applications.

Visitors excited about controlling DOBOT Magician via gestures

For Competition

DOBOT regards robot competition as the perfect vehicle for offering hands-on learning and practice to build students' confidence and problem-solving ability. By joining 2019 DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge, participants can get inspired by the collaboration between teams with different backgrounds, systematically write, test, and debug programs from scratch to control robot arms, and develop relevant skills needed for an Industry 4.0 and AI future.

A simple version of DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge

For Creation

DOBOT’s modular 3D printer MOOZ features 3 interchangeable heads for 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving, which can be fitted into one metallic body. DOBOT MOOZ helps turn your original ideas and even your wildest dreams into fantastic tangible projects, making your creation journey full of fun and possibilities, no matter you are a product designer, an engineer, an artist, a maker, or a newbie.

DOBOT MOOZ-2 & 3 and their amazing 3D prints

For Art and Beyond

Can robotic arms draw or write better than humans? At least for DOBOT Magician, when equipped with a slide rail, complicated and sophisticated pen drawings are just a breeze for it. You can either collaborate with the robot arm or leave all the work to it to create limitless creative designs beyond your imagination. Let DOBOT Magician boost your creativity and inspire the potential artist who you may never notice in your heart!

DOBOT Magician writing calligraphy

As an outstanding representative of innovation for education, DOBOT’s educational robots received great attention and were covered by multiple local media and magazines in Brazil, including GloboNews, Prefeitos & Governantes, and Revista Educação.

DOBOT staff interviewed by local media in Brazil

As a global leading all-in-one educational robot solution provider, DOBOT teamed up with senior education experts from renowned institutions at home and abroad to conduct in-depth studies of the key concepts of STEAM and education 4.0, connecting these results with elementary education, vocational applications and scientific exploration.

DOBOT offers comprehensive artificial intelligence and robot/AI lab solutions for learners of all ages, thanks to its complete product lines including DOBOT Magician, DOBOT MOOZ, and AI-Starter. Accompanying textbooks about introduction to robot arms and AI applications are available to cultivate learners’ computational thinking, engineering thinking, innovative thinking and critical thinking.

Examples of DOBOT textbooks for STEAM education

Meanwhile, DOBOT provides systematic training services for teachers, ranging from rich teaching resources support to the construction of teaching and research platforms, to help teachers improve their skills and effectively perform teaching activities. DOBOT strives to provide valuable innovative solutions for the global education sector by shaping itself into a powerful engine for training high-quality talents for global STEAM education, artificial intelligence, and intelligent robotics.




About Bett Educar

Bett Educar is the largest education and technology event in Latin America. It annually brings together over 230 national and international leading companies, over 19 exciting education tech start-ups and more than 22,000 participants from the education community. Educators, learners and innovators come to Bett Educar to seek inspiration, discuss the future of education and discover products and solutions targeting education innovation to improve teaching and learning outcomes.