In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
Most Frequent Download
Access multiple resources about DOBOT. If you have other questions,please contact us .
Most Frequent Download
DOBOT MOOZ-3 (No WiFi Feature) Mainboard Firmware  v1.3.6    2019. 09. 29
236 KB
This is the latest MOOZ-3 Firmware for machine with no WiFi feature.
236 KB

3D Printing Slicing Software

  • Cura 3.1.0 64Bit v3.1.0    2019. 05. 17
    Cura is an open source software designed by Ultimaker, it is a 3D printing slicing software. Every model you design for print must be translated by slicing software into instructions your 3D printer can understand. If you need a 32bit version, please access to Ultimaker’s official website for downloading.

LASER/CNC Slicing Software

  • MOOZStudio for Mac    2020. 04. 10
    MoozStudio for Mac OS, is a specially designed slicer software for laser engraving and CNC carving.
  • DOBOT MOOZStudio for WinOS v2.1.1
    MOOZStudio Setup    2020. 04. 10
    The main changes after this software upgrade are as follows:
    1.Fixing the image of the screenshot causes an issue that cannot be displayed;
    2.Optimize the problem of long processing time when the image is too large, use image compression.
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    DOBOT MOOZ-3 (No WiFi Feature) Mainboard Firmware v1.5.2    2019. 05. 31
    DOBOT MOOZ-3 (No WiFi Feature) Mainboard Firmware v1.5.1    2019. 05. 17
    DOBOT MOOZ-3 (No WiFi Feature) Mainboard Firmware v1.4.0    2018. 08. 07

USB Serial Drivers

  • CH341SER for WinOs 
    CH341SER_for_WinOs.rar    2019. 09. 29
    136 KB
    Ch341 Usb-serial Driver for Online Printing
    136 KB
  • CH341SER for MacOs    2020. 02. 04
    148 KB
    Ch341 Usb-serial Driver for Online Printing
    148 KB