In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
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Magician Studio  v1.9.1
DobotStudio(Windows)    2020. 04. 01
296 MB
1.Added a device selection box on the main interface, which is compatible with four device types: Magician, Magician Lite, Magic Box + Magician Lite, and Magic Box.
2.Magician keeps the original function unchanged.
3.The SVG format file on "Write&Draw" module only adapts SVG content as path tags, not image and text tags.
4.Deleted "Show Console When StartUp" option in "General" tab.
5.When upgrading the firmware through "Firmware" tab, you need to connect the device on the main interface first.
6.Deleted the serial port selection box in "Firmware" tab.
7.Deleted "QueueCmd", "Alarms", "HandTeach", "CP", "TRIG", "AngleSensor", "WIFI" API on Magician device types and script control module.
8.When the device is connected, the script control module added the current cursor position right button to add the current coordinate of the robot arm.
9.When the device is connected, the motion block of the "Blockly" module is added with a right-click to add the current coordinate function.
10.Fixed the bug that the picture disappeared after "Grayscale Adjustment Range" was changed on "LaserEngraving" module.
11.The end offset can be set to positive and negative values.
296 MB
  • Dobot Magician User Manual v1.7.0
    Dobot-Magician-User-Guide-V1.7.0.pdf    2019. 09. 29
    Tutorials for Dobot Magician, including teach&playback, writting&drawing, 3D printing, Dobot Blockly and so on.
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    Dobot Magician User Manual v1.5.1
    Dobot-Magician-User-Guide-V1.5.1.pdf    2018. 06. 25
    Dobot Magician User Manual v1.2.5
    dobot-magician-user-manualV1.2.5.pdf    2018. 02. 11
    Dobot Magician User Manual v1.2.4
    dobot-magician-user-manualV1.2.4.pdf    2017. 07. 14
  • Dobot Magician Interface description v2
    Dobot-Magician-Interface-Description-V2.pdf    2019. 07. 11
    699 KB
    699 KB
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    Dobot Magician Interface description v1
    Dobot-Magician-Interface-Description-V1.pdf    2019. 07. 11
    703 KB
  • Dobot Scratch User Guide v1.3.1
    Dobot-Scratch-User-Guide-V1.3.1.pdf    2020. 01. 22
    This manual introduces the use of Dobot Scratch, including equipment connection, building blocks, etc., for the convenience of users to understand and use Dobot Scratch.