In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
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Most Frequent Download
Magician Studio  v1.7.1    2020. 01. 14
290 MB
1, Modify operation tips when when no image exists on the Write&Draw module.
2, Modify the problem that the coordinates of X-axis and Y-axis shown on the Write&Draw and LaserEngraving modules are incorrect.
3, Support font size modification in annulus area and line wrapping when entering text on Write&Draw module.
4, Modify the show status of the operation panel page.
5, Modify the interactive design on the prompt box when connecting Magician and PC.
6, Modify the default file path when you operate file on each module.
7, Modify the toolbar name on the DobotStudio page.
8, Add guide pages when launching DobotStudio.
9, Modify the interactive design on the firmware burning page.
10, Modify the interactive design on the parameter setting pages.
290 MB
  • Dobot App (iOS) for Magician 
    id1172772548    2018. 10. 15
    Dobot APP(iOS) can be installed on iPhone to control Dobot, writing & drawing.