ReachArm 1 + Arm 2400 mm
PayloadRatings1.5 kg
Cycle time0.45s
RangeArm 1±90°
Arm 2±135°
Z Axis250 mm
End effector±180°
Maximum SpeedJoint Speed200°/s
X/Y Axis2000 mm/s
Z Axis1000 mm/s
Repeatability0.02 mm
Power supply100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
CommunicationRS-232, Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth
I/O24V input×8, 24V output×8
Height670 mm
Base size130 mm × 115 mm × 12 mm

Shipping List


3D Printing Kit

(1) Extruder x1

(2) Hot End x1

(3) Filament 200g

(4) Feed Pipe x1

(5) Masking Tape x1

(6) Glass Plate x1

Laser Kit

(1) Krafe Linner Paper x5

(2) Laser Module x1

(3) Laser Protective Glasses x1

Pneumatic Gripper

Air Pump Kit

(1) Air Pump Controller x1

(2) Suction Cup x1

We don't cover the shipping charge and customs tax.