Dobot M1 Specifications

Dobot front pic
Dobot arm reach
Dobot back pic


Reach400 mm
Payload1.5 kg
Maximum magnitude :
TypeMechanical limitationSoftware limitation
Rear arm-90°- 90°-85°- 85°
Forearm-140°-140°-135°- 135°
Z-axis screw0mm- 250mm10mm- 235mm
End-effector rotationunlimited-360°- 360°
Maximum speed :
Joint speed of Forearm and Rear Arm180°/s
Resultant speed of the Forearm and Rear Arm2000 mm/s
Speed of Zaxis1000 mm/s
Repeatability :0.02 mm
Collaborative function :support sensor-free collision detection and teaching and playback
Input Requirements of Power Adapter :100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
Communication interface :Ethernet, RS-232C
I/O :22 digital outputs, 24 digital inputs, 6 ADC inputs
Software :M1 Studio
System :Linux

Shipping List of Basic M1 Standard Package

M1 Arm


(1) AC Power Cable

(2) DC Power Cable

(3) Power Adapter

4Pin Connector

Emergency Stop Switch Kit

DB9 Serial Cable

Network Cable


(1) M3x10 Screws

(2) 2.5mm Wrench

Basic Suite (Option and Additional Pay Accessories)

Suction Cup


Air Pump Kit

(1) Cables

(2) 4 Pin Connector

(3) Air Pump

(4) Air Tube

Expansion Suite (Option and Additional Pay Accessories)

DB15 Expansion

DB62 Expansion & Cable

4 -channel Switch Kit

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