Driver-integrated Controller Solution

Combining man-machine interaction, controller and driver, the one-stop solution is tailored for industrial robots, and can quickly adapt to various robot models including SCARA, six-joint, DELTA.

Four-in-one servo
Multi-in-one Servo Driver Solution

Equipped with multi-in-one servo driver, the controller satisfies different servo requirements of users with support of encoders from Panasonic, Tamagawa, BISS and Nikon.

Minimum size
Minimum Size Quick Employment

The size of the super compact controller is 400*360*180mm, only 20% of traditional robot controllers' and similar to a computer main cabinet. Just plug and use, easy to move.

Modular Expandable

EtherCAT networking, modular design, easy extension of external axes, I/O ports, abundant interface resources, remote diagnosis and more.