Advanced manufacturing and automation Application Case in Cazenovia High School



Cazenovia High School has been teaching Computer Integrated Manufacturing since 1999 and likes to stay ahead of the curve on manufacturing, robotic, and automation techniques.


Switched over to using Dobots in the 2017-18 school year. Students were able to learn more advanced robotics, and programming faster than ever before. We were also able to teach much more industrial concepts than ever before as well. The accuracy and build quality of the robots make them much more robust for classroom use by high school students, and the software programming is intuitive and is very easy to use.

Teaching high school students advanced manufacturing and automation techniques, here're some pics to show the details:

Cart Vex Pneumatics

Cart Dobot Part Feeder

Other Top iSO

Dobot Magician Cart

Students use Dobot Magician to write
Dobot Magician Pick and place
Dobot Magician Gripper Usage in Classes

I have been teaching CIM and industrial robotics applications for almost twenty years, and this is the best robot for teaching high school students that I have ever used. The Magician is hands down the most cost effective way to teach industrial robotics applications in a high school classroom. Its accuracy, ease of use, and price point make it the 'go to' robot for education.

--- Chris Hurd, CIM Instructor, Cazenovia High School

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