DOBOT Robot Kits Incorporated at Mechatronics Engineering Lab, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna



Student age: 17-20 Years Course: Mechatronics Engineering Lab One class worth 3 hours spanning 1 year, 20 persons per class

Graduates from the School of Engineering are expected to shape the future by designing robots for the manufacturing industry, biomedical devices, rehabilitation robots, service robots, smart vehicles, autonomous farm equipment, and much more. These devices have mechanical and electrical components, sensors, and computer software - all working together, harmoniously. The field of Mechatronics Engineering emerged out of this need to develop the best possible design while seamlessly merging mechanical and electronics knowledge. Mechatronics Engineers have the interdisciplinary knowledge necessary to oversee the design and development of such intelligent devices from beginning to end, rather than completing mechanical, electrical and control designs separately.