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PlugNPrint – Ban screws. Forever.

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Just finished your 3D-print and quickly want to engrave something using the laser? Oh no, switching the tool heads again! PlugNPrint is the solution! Never be forced to screw your tool heads off and on again. Simply plug them in and out - within a second!




PlugNPrint consists of two parts: The one attached to the linear guide and the one attached to the tool heads. The first one has 6 sticks on the back side and can simply be plugged into the board on the linear guide - no screws are needed for that. The second part is needs to be fixed onto every tool head using 4 screws. After having done so, you will never need screws anymore.



Simply plug the print head onto the part on the linear guide vertically. It will stick so that you can start printing or using the laser right away. Since the parts are 3D-printed, CNC milling won't work. 


Printing & Prototypes

It took several attempts and many hours of printing to get a working pair of parts. First of all, it has to be considered that design is not equal to (printed) reality. Especially for two parts rubbing against each other, one has to find the perfect margin so that the tool head fits tightly but one can still slide it easily.

One thing that also caused problems was the print direction of the shell. Since it was normal to the slide direction, sliding was very difficult. Hence, this setting had to be changed in the slicer.


PlugNPrint is still in beta state. I am playing around with various settings and will also try different materials (than PLA). Once I found the perfect settings, I will publish the project on Thingiverse and also share it with you. Until then, I am looking forward to your vote - please take the few seconds if you like this project!

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