Christmas Offer: Best Tools for DOBOT MOOZ

Mooz Box

chrstimas offer, best tools for mooz By Nov, 24, 2018
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This is a Box made specially for the 3D Printer Mooz, to improve your perfomance when printing with specific materials that need a enclosure enviroment. No more WARPS when use filaments like ABS and the Box will help reduce the noize.


Is made of what? The Mooz Box was developed to use the minimal kind of material, you can buy the aluminium frame or print. The corners are made of 3d printed parts, and the walls are made of acrylic.


Looking behind the box was made to have a easy way to remove the back wall. Why? Because we need change between Printer, Laser and CNC. If you wanna have a plus you can buy a certain kind of acrylic that is possible gain protection for the lase.


Here you can see the drawing and was thinked about all deteails, one of the corners have a support to put the basic tools, two Hex/Alien keys.


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  1. Nice one!!!

  2. Parabéns meu filho!!!Muito orgulho de você!!

  3. Nice rendering. Can you share the models or drawing with dimensions that will help us build this?

    1. Robert, in this page there is a "Download Files", but here is the link. where you can download everything. I didn't create the box yet because next month I'm moving for another country.

  4. Congratulations Jarff great job !!