Christmas Offer: Best Tools for DOBOT MOOZ

Mooz 1.6W Laser Flower

chrstimas offer, best tools for mooz By Nov, 30, 2018
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OK so basically here it is.

What i did here was design a laser lens adjuster that slips over the stock 1.6W laser lens and allows for faster, safer, more accurate adjustment of the focal point of the laser to get a super tight tolerance without risking you putting your hands under the unit while it is turned on.

I know my fat fingers couldnt turn the lens on the unit to be able to adjust the focus of the laser when my material height changed, unless i unscrewed the bottom case cover and grabbed the lens that way, but even when doing that i undoubtedly kept haveing my fingers going into the laser beam. Still i didnt want that happening, even with laser on its lowest power setting so i came up with this design to completely eliminate that from happening, and it literally snaps into place and stays put.////

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