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Chess: 100% made by Mooz

3D Printer By Mar, 28, 2018
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Hey, I wanted to combine the features of Mooz and created a chess game. The chess board has been engraved by the laser. It consists of two pieces, each 13*26cm. I split it up into four parts, so that every piece was 12*12cm and 1cm border. After engraving the board, I 3D-printed the chess pieces. It's 32 pieces in total, hence it took many hours to print them - also because I chose 0.15mm as layer height. All in all, I am really content with my chess game and hope it pleases you as well!

Chess print by Dobot Mooz

printed Chess details

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  1. Thanks a lot for your support, your work is great! Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks 😀

  2. Amazing!

    1. Thanks!