Avengers: Infinity War 3D Printing Contest

ENDS ON JUNE 23, 2018


3d printing design contest By Jun, 20, 2018
2018. 06. 21
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printed and decorated characters
62.48 kb

Hello everyone, this is my work. all the action figures you'll see have been downloaded from myminifatory and thingiverse sites. For the processing of the g-code I used cura and were all printed with mooz-1 and mooz-3, the decorations I made with colors in spray cans as primer and for the details I used indelible markers with the help of a pin. all action figures are in pla except for Captain America who is made in pet-g.3d printed Thanos3d printed Black Panther3d printed Black Panther-23d printed iron man3d printed iron man-2Painted 3D Printed Iron Man3D printed Hulkman3D printed Hulkman-23D printed Groot3d Printed Iron Man3D printed Infinity War RolesPainted HulkIron Man in silver color3D printed Infinity War roles 3D printed Infinity War roles-23D printed Infinity War roles-33D printed Infinity War roles-43D printed Infinity War roles-5

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  1. Could you please share the high resolution image to us? It looks cool~

    1. Hello, if you give me your facebook contact I can send them to you.

  2. My God! Impressive!

    1. Thanks so much !!!