Shake Hands with the Future

Dobot is a leading robotic arm solutions provider all over the world which makes technology simple and fun, easy to use and endless possibility. Together we make the world different, from the first desktop robotic arm to STEAM robot kit, Dobot never stops.

What makes us unique
Good Product
Intelligent controlling, power unit, flexible body and interconnect cloud.
Good Service
To ensure excellent customer experience, we have 24*7 online engineer support.
Our Mission
We are open to any innovative idea and together make it come true to share Creating Pleasure.
Our Story

Dobot is established in July 2015 by 5 dedicated robotics engineers with the mission of facilitating the development and upgrading of the industrial robotic arms solutions and continuously developing the extensive applications in this area. Dobot, the first generation of Dobot robotic arm debuted in 2015 in the worldwide and has received extensively warm market response immediately after.

Dobot has 4 core technologies of light robotic arm that includes intelligent controlling, power element, flexible body and interconnect cloud. The core assembly units are all independently developed, which now have had 3 PCT international patents, 25 practical new model patent, and 1 copyright register certificates. Dobot saves nearly 70% cost comparing with the integration scheme, instead of the huge, heavy, expensive traditional mode, Dobot create an easily-used, flexible, user-friendly making prevalence.

Under the support of SIAT, APHRO.DITE, the Sino-Germany Space Robot United Laboratory of HIT, the combination of insustry-university-research cooperation gives Dobot a powerful guarantee.With the core technology of robot industrial chain, Dobot now has launched 3 product.

Dobot 1.0 with high precision and intelligent operation which can be controlled by App, PC,leapmotion, gesture, voice, vision and EGG is welcomed by makers.
Dobot Magician integrates 3D printing, laser engraving, painting & writting. The 13 extension ports can support secondary development. The studying function is suitaful for people of all ages, everyone can learn to ues it in only 1min.

Dobot M1 start a new intelligent business era, which create a wide market by applying this easily-used robotic arm into medical, catering, official business and other newly-developing area.

Generating more than a thousand backers in Kickstarter, Dobot has a proven track record in product quality and already solidified its customer base from various sectors ranging from manufacturing, research, education, industrial and individuals.

With its convincing and outstanding robotic technology, Dobot will further strengthen R&D at its lab in Shenzhen and expand its market presence. In particular, it extends its footstep in ramping up a distribution network globally.

Dobot opens an intelligent making era, which makes industrial robotic arms more intelligent, more close to life, and adapt to desktop. People will experience convenience and the value of making as the robotic arms walk into our lives. We ’re now trying our best to be the 1st assistant of life, let robotic arms step in every family, and allows people to have more time to enjoy their lives.

Brand Chronology
Dobot always carries the mission of making a great difference in our society by way of leading robotic technology.
Firstly Raised the Concept of Desktop Robotic Arm
Entered International Market and Made A Great Success
Interviewed by Premier of PRC Li Keqiang at China's first Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week
The 2rd Chinese College Students' Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Membership of Chinese Top 100 AI Companies
Premier Li Keqiang's second interview at the Exhibition of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Shandong University