Why Dobot Arm V1.0 cannot move?

1. Install and connect the sensor properly.2. USB dial switch should connect with USB end, while mobile phone should be available for Bluetooth.3. Please link with USB cable, open the software, and check if there is an instruction of ‘Not found serial port ’, if there is, please install Arduino driver, and then users will see one equipment called ‘Arduino mega 2560’in the device manager.4. Configuration for Baud rate according to different version.(version 1.1 and later is 9600)5. Check if Dobot is at a limited position, if yes, put Dobot two arms into 45 degree, and check again after resetting.6. Enter into interface of teach&playback, check if there is numbers in the blank space of Joint2&3, if not, users can try to use firmware in DobotTools to download the latest firmware, and then try again.