How to share a Youtube live link to the Dobot site?

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  1. 1. Attach your iPhone to Rigiet. Connect Bluetooth and turn "portrait orientation lock" off. Then in Rigiet App, click YouTube Live under the expanding page.

  2. Click YouTube Live in Rigiet App

  3. 2. Sign in your Google Account and click Go Live. Then you will see 2 steps as follow. Tag the 2 steps one by one and start live streaming!

  4. start live streaming via Rigiet App
  5. 3. When you finished YouTube live stream, you can playback the closed live video, which locates in "My channel" of YouTube.

  6. Take stalbe live video with gimbal stabilizer
  7. 4. Click the live video and copy the url.
  8. upload youtube live streaming
  9. 5. Sign in (If you are not the site member yet, then click here and sign up.)
  10. 6. After you logged in, go straightly to the contest page.

  11. Dobot spring photography contest banner
  12. 7. Click "Join Now" to the next page.
  13. 8. In the new page, you can post your Youtube Video here. 
  14. how to upload a contest project

Entries will be accepted by Dobot staff within a workday Monday - Friday.  After submitting your entries, please be patient to wait for evaluation result. We will justice your creation equally.

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