Sensor Calibration

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The sensors of forearm and rear arm have been calibrated before sending out. But if you need calibrate again, please review following steps for reference:sensor calibration

Step 1: Remove Angle Sensors

Remove sensors of forearm and rear arm with hexagonal wrench and put them down the table horizontally, as shown in figure 1;angle sensors

Figure 1 angle sensors

Step 2: Access to Calibration Mode

Connect Dobot with PC, and open DobotTerminal under the file of DobotTools, then set baud rate to 9600(If it is the version of V1.0, baud rate is 25600), now it can be connected successfully, as shown in figure rate setting

Figure 2 baud rate setting

Step 3:  Access to Calibration Mode

Firstly hold down the button Sensor Calibration on the controller, then press the button Reset to restart control panel, keep on holding Sensor Calibration for 2 seconds and then loosen it, now there is a warning that remind you to "start calibrating", as shown in figure 4.operation flow chart

Figure 3 operation flow chart


Step 4: Start Calibrating

1.Keep sensors of forearm and rear arm flat with level 0°; 2.Single click Sensor Calibration (calibration of rear arm), at the moment, serial port will hint that calibration compensation of “Long arm angle” and measurement error of "Long arm angle new"; If got successful calibration and proper error, it will updates calibration success, as shown in figure 5.rear arm calibration

Figure 5 information of rear arm calibration

rear arm calibration 2

Figure 6 information of rear arm calibration

4.If there appears "failed, need to be re-calibrated" shown in figure 7, please make sure put down sensors horizontally and then return the steps 3~5;

mesaage of calibration erro

Figure 7 message of calibration error

5.Restart circuit board after calibrating.

Notice: 1.Make sure enough key-hold time for about 2 seconds so that can be detected. 2.Calibration message will be kept in EEPROM and take effect in the next measurement.

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