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Dobot can import PLT file to write or engrave. In this process, one can use CoreDRAW to make PLT file,forming into personalized patterns or texts. The flow chart is as follows:overview

Step 1: Use CorelDRAW to Make.CDR File

1.Open CorelDRAW and click on the "New" button to create a CDR document, as shown in Figure document

Figure 1 new document

2.In the popup dialog, rename a document, choose paper size, press default setting of other parameters, and click OK.


Figure 2  renaming

3.Choose Pen in the freehand toolbar, get ready for your patterns or texts, for example, "hello", please note that the picture size should be within 10x10cm, shown in figure 4.

select pen

Figure 3  select pen

pattern design

Figure 4  pattern design

Note:   To draw a straight segment, click where you want to start the line segment, and click where you want to end it.    To draw a curved segment, click where you want to place the first node, and drag the control handle to where you want to place the next node. Release the mouse button, and drag the control handle to create the curve you want.    Double click to finish the line.   Please write well texts first, and then copy them, fine tuning by shape tool. Shown as follows:

copy pattern

Figure 5   copy patterns

4.Save and generate CDR file, as shown in figure 6.

saved in DPR document

Figure 6   saved in CDR document

Step 2: Transfer CDR File into .PLT

1.Go to generated CDR document in 7.1, select Save As PLT file, as shown in figure save as

Figure 7   salect save as PLT

2.In the popup dialog, select plotter origin as upleft, unit as 1016, and click ok, as shown in figure 8.

select and save parameters

Figure 8   select and save parameters

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