Laser Engraving 

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The whole process of laser engraving as follows:overview

Step 1: Laser Installation

1.Components: laser, laser holder, two [M2×8 bolt & M2 nut ], M3×10 bolt, shown as figure 1; 2.Use the M2 bolt and nut to mount the laser holder under the end of the robot arm, then put the laser inside the holder from the bottom( cable go through the hole first, then the laser), as shown in Figure 1. 3.Fasten the laser with the M3×10 bolt.laser Installation

Figure 1 laser installation

4.Connect the laser cable to the board, the Pins are located at the edge of the board, labeled with ‘LASER’.

connect laser cable

Step 2: Terminal Option

Click "Laser" as the terminal, as shown in figure 3.terminal option

Figure 3 terminal option

Step 3: Focus Adjustment

1.Choose laser as the end effector and open Teach Playback module and turn on the laser.teach playback

Figure 4 interface of teach playback

2.Put the engraving material under the laser, turn on the laser and press the Laser Adjustment button to slowly move the laser to a proper position(avoid positioning the arm in the maxed-out position, either vertically or horizontally) and height(laser should be focused on the material), then release the button to lock the robot arm. Now, reset the Controller Box so that the current joint angle can be measured by the angle sensor;

△ ! Note: the laser can heat object when it is in focused state, objects like paper board or  wood can be engraved or burned.

! DO NOT focus the laser on people or animals ! DO NOT let children play with it alone. ! The process needs to be monitored when it is running ! After the process please turn off the laser promptly.



Figure 6 the brightest dot of facularpoint

If shown as strip not dot, you should adjust knob to proper focus. In this process, it will become longer clockwise and become shorter anticlockwise. Please check facular size again.

adjusting knob

Figure 7 adjusting knob of focus

Step 4: Parameter Setting

In Config Dobot module there is a write tab where you can set the acceleration of the writing process. For laser engraving on Kraft Paper provided, you can set Acc= 0.01. For different material or a laser with different power, a different value can be set.parameter setting

Figure 8 interface of parameter setting

set acceleration of laser engraving

Figure 9 set acceleration for laser engraving

Step 5: Start to Engrave

1.Open write interfaceinterface of write

Figure 10 interface of write

Click Laser, and then click TextDesign to input texts, also can set front and size, of course, you can import PLT files to engrave;

text design

Figure11 text design

import PLTfiles

Figure 12 import PLT files

2.Click Start to engrave. Click Stop the laser engraving process will continue to run for a few seconds before coming to a complete stop; Click Start it will start the whole process again from current position; Click Pause the laser engraving process will continue running for a few seconds before it is temporally paused; click Resume will resume the laser graving process.

The effect shown below:


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