Instructions for Conveyor Belt Suite

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Before using, please visit the official website ( to download installation package to install Dobotstudio software. Please ignore it if the installation package has been downloaded. Learn to use Blockly function to perform identification and blotting / grabbing to color of objects on the production line. Since the air pump suite and the conveyor belt suite will be used, we will briefly introduce the two suites.Conveyor Belt

Air Pump Suite

Please refer to teaching & reproduction course in Dobot Magician instruction manual for installation and usage introductions for air pump suite.

Conveyor Belt Suite

1.Accessories of conveyor belt are as shown in the following diagram:conveyor belt Installation Steps: A. Connect the motor wire to interface Stepper1 on the main control box of the first mechanical arm; B. Connect the wire of color sensor to the interface Communication Interface on the main control box of the second mechanical arm; C. Connect the power line of infrared sensor to the interface GP2 on the main control box of the second mechanical arm;Installation effect of all parts is as shown in the following diagram:A. Conveyor belt wiring diagram:converyor belt B.Color sensor wiring diagramconveyor belt C. Infrared sensor wiring diagramconverypr beltOverall wring effect diagram:converyor beltWiring diagram of mechanical arm 1 Wiring diagram of mechanical arm 22. Example for carrying and sorting of conveyor beltWhen the conveyor belt is well connected and the control software is known, the conveyor belt shall be tried to operate. Through the Blockly function, we will let it move a small object and perform color identification:(1) At first, install the software, namely download installed version dobotstudio and install it.converyor belt(2) After accomplishing installation, connect two mechanical arms to the computer. It is necessary to open two dobotstudio interfaces, and ensure that USB interface of each mechanical arm is connected to special firmware of recorded conveyor belt of mechanical arm 2.A. Open the interfaceconveryor beltB.Record firmware for mechanical arm 2, and open the record tool:converyor beltOpen the record toolconveryor beltClick Open File and select the firmware to be recorded.detailed infoClick Start Isp to record firmware.Detailed infoAfter recording firmwares, open the software and program through the Blockly function, to realize carrying and sorting of mechanical arm. Robot 1 shall select the carrying program, and the robot 2 shall select the sorting program. Open the Blockly interfaceconveryor beltClick open and select program, and then input programs to two mechanical arms separately.Finally, after accomplishing these, conveyor actions shall be started.

Preparations Before Starting

Location of the building blocks: at initial stage, the building blocks shall be horizontally placed on the left side of mechanical arm 1. When the mechanical arm moves, the part right below the mechanical arm sucker shall just stand right above the first building block in the upper left corner.conveyor beltThe mechanical arm sucker in the carrying part shall put the building block at center position of conveyor belt after suck the building block, which is beneficial for the mechanical arm in the carrying part to suck building block.Notes: 1.Before the conveyor belt is used, two mechanical arms shall be returned back to zero, and then the mechanical arms shall be put into operation. 2.While the conveyor belt is started, the sorting mechanical arm shall be started prior to the carrying mechanical arm.    
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