How to upload your contest project?

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Here is the guide for you guys about how to upload contest project.

1. If you didn't sign up in our site, then click here and sign up. But if you are our member already, you can pass the first two steps and log in directly.

2. Input your email and your full name, then set your password. After that, just click Sign up.

Sign in Dobot official website

3.When you successfully signed up, you will get in your dashboard, in column contest click here to next page.

Join the contest from Dobot dashboard

4.In this new page, choose the newest contest to participate.

choose the newest Dobot contest

5.Please read carefully about rules of the contest, and click Join Now to enter into next page.

Join Dobot Contest

6.In this page, you can post your text, pictures or youtube videos about your 3D printing creation with Dobot Production.

how to publish a contest project

After uploading your entries, please be patient to wait evaluation result. We will justice your creation equally.

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