Firmware Upgrading Tutorial 

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The latest firmware for Dobot is DobotFirmware.hex, you can upgrade it through the USB port. The upgrading processes are as follows:firmware upgrading

Step 1: Download upgrading tools: DobotTools

Download the latest DobotTools from Dobot official website, you can download it here: and install the tool, you'll see the folder structure is shown as figure1: figure1

Figure1  DobotTools folder structure

Step 2: Open hex file

Double click the icon DobotDownloadUtil.exe to open the download window. Then click Open button to open the hex file, shown as figure 2: 

Figure2  Open hex file

Step 3: Navigate hex file

Navigate the “DobotFirmware.hex” file under the “DobotTools/hex” directory, shown as figure 3:

Figure3  Navigate hex file

Step 4: Download hex file

Click download "DobotFirmware.hex" and check the result.figure 4

Figure 4  Download hex file

figure 5

Figure 5  Download successfully

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