How to use Rigiet stabilizer--where can we use the Rigiet

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Hundreds years ago, there is no camera, video, smartphone. If you want to remember your age of 20, you can only ask the painter to draw a picture for you. At that time, the great painter was very expensive. So a poor man may never have a picture in his life. Later, the camera became popular and more and more people took pictures in the photo studio as a souvenir. But cameras were luxuries at that time. Not everyone could have them. Today, with the popularity of cameras and smartphone, shooting short films and photos is already a part of life. What can Rigiet stabilizer do for us? Bring more convenience to record your life.


What are the scenarios for using the Rigiet?

Actually, Rigiet is suitable for most environments, except those extreme environments. We all know the Rigiet is not a waterproof stabilizer, you can’t use it when you are swimming, diving or raining. And don’t take the Rigiet to a high temperature condition like volcanic vent, it’s very exciting for you but very scary for Rigiet. Remember the above rules. You can use Rigiet in every scenarios.


At home

If you have a baby or a pet. The Rigiet is a good choice for you. Insert your smartphone into Rigiet phone helder. Mount the mini-tripod on Rigiet. Put the machine at a place where can track the trace of your baby and pets. And turn on the Rigiet, turn to auto track mode, circle your baby in the screen. The Rigiet will follow your baby now, you don’t have to hold your camera or smartphone to follow your baby. And more important is you will be included in the video, never just a voice. The Rigiet will shoot the playing sight by itself.

Make a video for baby by Gimbal

The other using method of Rigiet is knowing what will the pet do after you leave home. I don’t know if you watch the movie The Secret Life of Pets. It described the pet’s live style after you go to work. After watching it, I couldn't help thinking that I left my huskies at home what will he do? But I don’t know how to find the interesting thing as I don’t want install a camera at home. One day I took a Rigiet to home, put it on the top of wardrobe. After he came out of the bathroom, he jumped into bed directly and skipped the step of wiping his feet. He jumped the carpet on purpose! He can’t deny this time. Rigiet bring us many funny days.

Lovely Dog

Outdoors exercise

Do you like hiking, climbing mountains, riding, running and skating? If you are a sports maniac, Rigiet is also a very good choice for you. Rigiet have a three-axis stability system. It will make your video more smooth by reducing the shake. It can record your trace completely as working for a long time, and the charge battery is very convenience to put in a little pocket.

And Rigiet also very helpful in a sport in a field like maximal exercise, bicycle and skating. You can put your smartphone into Rigiet, and set the stabilizer at the sidelines. Auto track can help you shoot a wonderful video for your amazing performance. And the Slow Motion can be used here, After editing the video, it will become a cool ad.

Rigiet 3-Axis smartphone stabilizer

Rigiet for travel

Where will you choose to have a travel? It must be a wonderful place which have good sight. Lakeside villas, mountain cottages and pastures under the stars are greate chooses for vocation. We can take a rest, have a party, and more important is we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Of course watching is not enough, so how about taking some ‘master’ photos by Rigiet stabilizer. If there is a wide lake ahead of you, you might can’t take a picture include a whole lake. Rigiet can help you. Select a position to set the Rigiet. If there is no shelter in 360 degrees, it will be very great. Turn the Rigiet into Panorama, it will circle by itself with a uniform speed.

Panorama shoted by Rigiet

The summer sky is so beautiful with unpredictably cloud and sparking starts. For the changing clouds you can turn the Rigiet to Motion Time Lapse, promise the battery has charged before shotting. Setting the Rigiet under sky. It will be very nice when you insert the video into a mini movie. For the stars sky, just turn the Rigiet into Time Lapse mode, put it under the sky before you go to sleep. The picure of stars trace is very beautiful, even you are not a professional photographer, but it’s also a professional photo.

Time Lapse starry sky

Party & BBQ

If you have a party, put your Rigiet into your backpack. You might think what does Rigiet do for a party? A great shooting mode called Slow Motion. It can be used in shooting some interesting condition, like the moment of open the champagne, you can see the splashing of the wine. The dancing time, you can watch every detail like flying hair, everyone’s smile. It will help you remember everyone who had a good night with you.

punctured balloon photography

Record daily life is a good and important habit. When you are old, maybe you will forget many things. So the vedios are very meaningful for you. When you review the videos, just like you live again. Rigiet will make your life more colorful.


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