How to Make Money with a 3D Printer

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As 3D printing was invented, it has brought a huge change to the world of manufacturing. It allows users to convert innovative ideas to reality. What a miracle 3d printer can print a solid object that looks just come out of the picture. Are you curious about a 3D printer and planning to purchase one? If I told you that 3d printing offers a lot of business opportunities and you can make money with a 3d printer, you may increase the thought of owning one 3d printer. Ok, Let us have a quick look at how to make money with it?

make money with a 3d printer

How to use a 3D printer to make money?

As 3D printing is applied in more and more fields, the market demand for this new technology is booming, which means a lot of 3d printing business opportunities will be offered for entrepreneurs or individuals. Here are the main methods to build a business with a 3D printer.

1. Selling 3d printing designs

You can get monetary rewards by building 3d model designs. You don’t even have to own 3D printer. Only if you are able to make awesome designs for those, who have 3d printer or access to a 3d printer and want to print something interesting, your designs may be enjoyed by them and purchased to achieve the right to print.

Selling 3d printing designs to make money

When you have excellent designs, then where to sell them? Shapeways is a powerful site, where you can share and sell your designs. First of all, open your own shop on this site. When your designs or model are ready, you can put them in your shop and make them available for visitors to purchase. What you need to do next is waiting for customers to order it.

About how to build an online shop, refer to: how to open a 3D printing store. Want to your shop more different and customizable? On this site, special tool called CustomMaker is offered to make your design customizable, which allows your customers to get more personal 3d printing model.

2.3D print for others

3D print for business purpose to make money

Another way to make money with a 3D printer is to 3D print for others or just to sell your 3d printed items. Because sometimes companies or individuals need to produce 3d printed items, but don’t own the device. In the situation, if you happen to have a 3d printer and abundant exquisite skills in 3d printing, you can help them to make their ideas to come true. What you need to do is to find a suitable platform, that can help you to implement your services.

3D Hubs is a popular e-commerce platform for 3d printing. The procedure of selling 3d printing service is very simple. You just need to list your 3d printer, take orders and wait to get paid for the items that you made. Never opened an online shop? Don't know how to do with it. Take it easy and you will find a lot of tutorials about how to sell products or services on the Internet. First of all, start a new account with a valid email address. Then make a detailed description of your 3d printer. After that be patient to take orders and wait for getting paid. Start an accout in the site and explore more opportunities to start your 3d printing business.

3.Rapid prototyping services

3D printing technology allows people to produce scale prototypes in a short time. Unlike the traditional prototyping methods, 3d printed rapid prototype helps you to present your concept in a visual way, or test feasibility of an end product. The advantages of rapid prototyping with 3D printing are as follow:

  • 1. Take less time and cost to produce a prototype
  • 2. Mistake rate in design or manufacture is decreased a lot
  • 3. Make it possible to create a more complicated end product.

Make rapid prototyping with 3d printing

Major manufacturers and designers have regarded 3d printing as important element, because 3d printing can help them improve designs and reduce cost. Rapid prototyping services are widely applied in many business fields. The practice proves that prototyping with 3d printing has a remarkable improvement over traditional way. It can help to improve the design and reduce cost, especially for designers and manufacturers.

With the help of 3D printing, you can get a realistic and more accurate prototype to reduce design error and refine it before mass production. It's a good way to cost little effort and cost to verify and test design. For example, prototype bridge was made for testing design by a Polish Company YEL engineers.

Prototyping with 3d printing is a good thing for architects, too. Thanks to rapid prototyping, they won’t have to spend a long time to wait for making model. Nowadays 3d printing technology helps you to create vivid full-color models only in a few hours. If you have a functional and powerful 3d printer, then you will have the chance to make prototyping for the above companies.

4.3D printing courses

It's a cost-effective way to use 3d printing to teach students in subjects like construction, engineering, design, and architecture. 3D printing kills two birds with one stone: cut down training cost and improve the educational condition.

3d printing courses

At primary or middle school, 3d printing courses are set to develop students' ability to design and produce products manually by themselves. From these courses, students will learn how to develop customizable products and experience operating process of 3d printing.

As 3D printing gain more and more acceptance, some universities also offer courses in the application of 3d printing. In opinions of experts, 3D printing will play an important role in sport, design, engineering, architecture, and more. In a British university, Sheffield, there is a Master degree in Additive Manufacturing Technology, which not only covers engineering form but also 3D printing process. Students will learn how to actually design, handle and create components through the course.  So, have a good study of 3d printing! Maybe, someday you will make money with teaching 3d printing courses!

Tips: A multifunctional 3D Printer

Besides the above 4 methods, there are a lot of ways to explore to make money with 3d printing. But you can’t do anything without a 3d printer, you’d better invest a multifunctional 3d printer, especially with transformable heads. Here we highly recommend you a powerful and good-to-use 3d printer, Dobot Mooz. With the 3d printer, you can not only conduct 3d printing but also get CNC carving and laser engraving. It will help you to make a 3d printing career, thanks to its high precision, advanced stepper motor, and multiple functions.

multifunctional 3d printer

In a word, 3d printing has changed our life a lot, whether you admit or not. It is a good example of how to convert knowledge to cash. You can start a business in providing 3d printing service, selling 3d printed items or just teach others about how to 3d print. If you are ambitious to increase the ability to make a profit, then a multitool 3d printer is a not bad tool for you.

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