How to make an Iron Man with a 3D printer

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As 3D printing becomes more and more popular, we can create some movie roles or life accessories with the help of a 3d printer. Actually, 3d printed comic book roles, like superhero roles from Marvel Cinematic Universal, always give pleasure to both children and adults. When you 3d print the roles of the newly released Avengers: Infinity War, the 3d printed products just look like come out of the big screen. Make some awesome 3d printing to prove how you are fond of this movie. Here we will show you how to make Iron Man with 3D printer.

superhero Iron Man

How to make Iron Man 3D model?

After the Avengers: Infinity War was released, I attempted to 3d print my favorite superhero Iron Man. There are several 3d print iron man files offered on the internet, such as iron man suit, iron man helmet and desktop iron man for decoration. In my opinion, 3d printed iron man suit and helmet are suitable for those, who like cosplay. Here I 3d printed a desktop iron man for decorative purpose using Dobot Mooz. Let's go through the process of printing Iron Man!

1. Search and download Iron Man 3D STL file
2. Use 3D printing software to slice Iron Man file
3. Create Iron Man with multitool 3D printer

1. Where to download Iron Man 3d printing file?

site for download 3d printing file

Hope to print something special, but don’t know where to download the 3d printing file? We recommend you the world’s largest 3D printing community - Thingiverse. Thingiverse is widely used in the DIY technology and Maker communities. It is a website dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files. At the platform, open source hardware designs are provided primarily free. The shared files on Thingiverse can be used for 3d printers, laser cutters, milling machines and other technology machines. There are over 1.6 million 3D printable designs, you can find what you want for your 3d printing superheroes of Avengers: Infinity War. If you're a pro in 3d printing, you can also share your own to see how others print, remix, or use them! On this site, I found and downloaded the iron man 3d printing file.

2. Choose a software for slicing Iron Man STL file

software for slicing 3d model

On the market, there is a lot of free 3d printing software. Here we highly recommend an open source 3D printer slicing application - CURA. Ultimaker Cura is a 3d printing software, it can create a 3D model and slice it into layers, as G-Code, which can be recognized by a 3D printer. Cura is easy to use and you just need 3 steps before printing. Create a model first and then export your 3D files as STL or OBJ formats, these files will be imported, sliced and outputted as G-Code so that the 3D printer can read and follow. You can also set quality, material, speed, cooling, and infill in Cura by yourself. Cura 3D is a fully open source software and can be used with most 3D printers.

What did I do with STL file using CURA?

a. Open Cura and import the STL file. Thickness is important, it provides stability to the final product which can be fragile when it is printed too thin. I set model parameters 1.2mm*1.2mm and other parameters, like layer height 0.12mm, printing temperature 230℃, build plate temperature 60℃ and etc.

stl files parameters

b. Save the model file as format G-code and export it to U disk or SD card with Cura.

Save file as gcode format

c. Insert USB flash disk and save the GCode file in USB flash disk. Warn: In off-line printing mode, U disk must be FAT32, and volume can’t be higher than 32GB.b.

3. Create Iron Man 3D Printing

a. Choose the color of the filament and install it to Mooz.

b. Restart the machine, place PLA filament into the machine, and insert U disk to the print.

c. In operation panel, select the file and start to 3d print iron man.

Look, I got the stunning 3D printed iron man. During the printing, you need to be a little bit patient. Although it took me some time to print, the process is really interesting.

Iron man 3d model

Why 3d printable models?

reason to choose 3d printing

Sometimes we buy sponge toll of our favorite movie or comic roles. But more and more makers turn to make 3d printed models because they are more durable and the process of creation is full of fun. It's possible to create a 3d printed model for wearable or decorative purpose. The reduction degree of certain wearable 3d printed models is really high and it can help you to impress the audience at a Cosplay show or party. For example, when we 3d print iron man suit, we can divide the whole body into several parts: like a helmet, neck guard, chest, back, shoulders and so on. If you think that 3d printing of components is complicated, you can choose to print mini 3d model at one time. Making a 3d printable model is more meaningful and long-time lasting.

Tips: A Multifunctional 3d Printer special for you

3-in-1 3D Printer

Dobot Mooz is featured with quick assembly, easy-to-use controller and intuitive guide, which make Mooz suitable for beginners, makers, and educators. Mooz is well known for stability and high precision up to 0.02mm, this is all thanks to its industrial grade linear guideway, enhanced stepper motor, and CNC-machined body. Dobot Mooz is a transformable metallic 3D printer with interchangeable heads for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. You will make much of Dobot Mooz in combination with 3d printing software. More detail, refer to Top 16 Free 3D Printing Software for Beginners.

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