GoPro Gimbal Waterproof vs Traditional in 2018

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As the photo enthusiasts are aware of the importance of gimbal for taking professional footage, the competition of gimbal stabilizers is becoming more and more intense. Waterproof performance of GoPro Gimbal has been researched and developed. How does a gimbal stabilizer waterproof work? When is the GoPro gimbal stabilizer used under water, if its stabilization performance will come down? Here we will see advantages and shortages of waterproof and traditional gimbal stabilizers. Plus, make up a list of affordable typical waterproof and traditional gimbal stabilizers in 2018.

GoPro stabilizer waterproof vs traditional

Comparison between waterproof and traditional gimbals

Obviously, the biggest difference between these 2 gimbals is water resistance capability. One can be used to take stable footage even in the water. The other one can’t be used in the water. Generally, most of water-resistant gimbals are not designed for depth water shooting. Some can work in harsh rain condition, others can work in only freshwater rating or less than 2 feet water condition.

That is to say, it’s better not submerge the gimbal underwater, unless, it might be out of order. A traditional gimbal with no waterproof sign in the spec means that it definitely can’t be used in the water condition, although only the drizzle. Then how does a gimbal work under water? Thanks to the water-resistant motors and body, some gimbal stabilizer can support action shots of water sports.

Gimbal stabilizer waterproof


  • 1. Mountable, lightweight, and portable
  • 2. More flexible. Can be mounted on a helmet, handlebars, tripod screw, chest support, selfie stick and etc.
  • 3. Can be used in wet condition, harsh rainy day and more


  • 1. Batteries life are limited: about 2 hours
  • 2. Limited time of shoot underwater: about 10 minutes
  • 3. Limited rotation
  • 4. Stabilization is not that good

GoPro stabilizer Traditional


  • 1. Compatible with GoPro cameras and smartphone
  • 2. Long batteries life: 5-8 hours
  • 3. Ergonomic design and high quality of material: comfortably to hold the handle of gimbal for a long time with ease
  • 4. Remote control with App
  • 5. Anti-jamming algorithm
  • 6. Extension: usually can be mounted to a tripod crew or extension pole


  • 1. Not waterproof
  • 2. Unevenness quality and performance, depending on different brands and prices

Recommended user-friendly gimbals in 2018

Here we will review top 5 best GoPro gimbal stabilizers, 2 GoPro stabilizers waterproof and 3 with no-waterproof capability. Enough to talk, let’s jump straightly to top 5 gimbal stabilizer for GoPro.

REMOVU S1 Waterproof 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

REMOVU S1 Waterproof 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal waterproof

REMOVU S1 is a 3-axis GoPro gimbal stabilizer, which is equipped with 3 brushless DC motors and detachable handle. The detachable handle can be used to remote control the gimbal. Thanks to its resistant motors and body, it can work normally in rainy and snowy weather(Don’t completely submerge gimbal underwater.) The other feature of the gimbal is mountable and wearable. You can mount it to helmet, chest support, tripod screw and etc. You can use it to film desirable footages in 3 shooting modes (lock, follow, and pan modes).


  • 1. Optimized algorithm to enhance response speed to moving objects.
  • 2. High-class brushless motors allow shooting more steady video.
  • 3. Use the gimbal as usual, even in a snowy or rainy day.


  • 1. Limited service time in rainy weather: maximum 10 minutes
  • 2. Motors produce noise when shooting with GoPro
  • 3. Price: a little bit high, $350

Wearable Gimbal WG2 by Feiyu Tech

Feiyu Tech WG2 GoPro gimbal waterproof

Feiyu Tech launched the new wearable gimbal- Meet Feiyu Tech WG2 in 2017! Feiyu Tech WG2 is totally water resistant. But It can’t be used in salt water, because salt will corrode the gimbal metal surface, what will seriously influence the gimbal performance. Feiyu Tech WG2 can be perfectly compatible with GoPro 5, which is also waterproof. In combination with GoPro 5, you can take professional footage even in a rainy day or in a fresh small waterfall. In order to accomplish the portable performance, Feiyu Tech WG2 adopts a built-in lithium battery 1500mAh, whose lifetime is around 2 hours. The batteries lifetime also depends on the condition and temperature.


  • 1. Lightweight and moderate size
  • 2. Easy to setup and control
  • 3. Nice packaging


  • 1. Only 10 minutes are allowed to take a shoot in rainy condition
  • 2. Water quality is required, fresh water is essential.
  • 3. Compatibility is not that good. A FeiyuTech user reviewed, that “I can’t use my GoPro Hero 4 with this gimbal.”

Dobot Rigiet-3 axis handheld gimbal stabilizer for smartphone and GoPro

Dobot Rigiet-3 axis gimbal stabilizer for GoPro and smartphone

Dobot Rigiet is designed by a China-based high-tech company, which devot e itself to provide robot arm solution. Dual to its affordable price and multifunction, Dobot Rigiet has won a lot of loyal followers since it was released in 2017. Its 3 internationally precision motors allow accurate rotation in pan, tilt, and roll. It comes with one 18650 rechargeable battery, which can be charged by single cell charger or USB charging cable. Time-lapse, motion lapse, and slow-motion shooting mode help you to capture excellent time passage. Compatible Rigiet App also allows you to remote control gimbal via Bluetooth. If waterproof doesn’t mean to you, then Rigiet is your best choice no matter from price or performance.


  • 1. 3 brushless motors are accurate to 0.01°
  • 2. Support live streaming and easy-to-share across multiple social sites
  • 3. Steadily Keep camera from jitters and shakes even in a harsh weather
  • 4. Affordable price and ergonomic design


  • 1. No waterproof
  • 2. In Rigiet App(Android version), few functions are not available.
  • 3. May feel fatigue when holding up gimbal for a long time


EVO GP-PRO high quality gimbal stabilizer

The EVO GP-PRO is a 3-axis handheld gimbal, which can be mounted to any tripod giving you infinite freedom. It’s quite simple to set up a camera to gimbal stabilizer. CNC Aluminum body material and ergonomic design give an incredible experience. 4-way joystick locates in the upper middle of the handle. The joystick allows you to adjust your camera’s tilt, pan and roll angles in the air. Three shooting modes are available: Standard, Portrait, and Underslung. When using the GP-PRO, you will be amazed at how stable footage it can take.


  • 1. High Torque Motors
  • 2. Compatible with most of the action cameras, such as all GoPro series, Yi 4k*, Yi 4K+*
  • 3. Support charge by USB cable


  • 1. No Waterproof
  • 2. Price is a lit bit high
  • 3. When using it, motors will produce some noise

GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro Karma Grip-Official Accessory to keep gopro from shake

The Karma Grip is a GoPro Official accessory, which allows you to take shake-free video. Easy to setup: plug your camera in and turn on the grip and move out. It’s compatible with any GoPro body mounts. Due to its ergonomic design, you can have a more comfortable experience even hold it up for a long time. The karma grip can be mounted to helmet or chest support to capture silk and smooth footage. Plus, the camera and grip can be charged together.


  • 1. Compatible with any GoPro mount
  • 2. Official GoPro Accessory
  • 3. Easy to set-up


  • 1. No waterproof
  • 2. It’s only for GoPro, not suitable for smartphone
  • 3. Expensive


Above all, Waterproof and Traditional GoPro gimbals have their own advantages and shortcomings. Depending on your own needs, choose an appropriate one for yourself. Recommendation: If you need waterproof gimbal, REMOVU S1 is better; If you just need normal gimbal, Dobot Rigiet is better no matter from price or stabilization.

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