Top 10 Fast-growing Robotics Companies in 2022

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At present, the artificial intelligence and automation industries are developing rapidly. Many positions in traditional industries will be replaced by machines and robots in the future. Economist forecasts that robotics will boost productivity so significantly that Global GDP could multiply growth only in the AI industry. In this article, let's look at 10 fast-growing robotics companies in 2022.

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10. Ai Build

Ai Build robotics company

Ai Build is a newly established company that pursues applying robotic technologies to the 3D printing field. The company was founded in 2015 and is located in London. The acquirement of seed funding worth £75,000 makes the company very active in the research and development.

Daghan Cam, the founder of the company, believed that 3D printing would be the main format of fabrication in the future, but it will cost a lot of money and energy when 3D printing large-scale objects. The AI Build combined machine automatic fabrication with industrial robotics to help achieve large-scale 3D printing affordably to solve the issue. The printing scale is limited: the current 3D printing scale is 5 m high and 4.5 m wide with a KUKA robotic arm and a 3D printing gun.

9. Consequential Robotics

Consequences Robotics companies

Founded in 2016, the Consequential Robotics company dedicated itself to assistive robotic systems to improve the living quality of modern people. The dog-like robot is the first well-developed product by the Consequential Robotics. It has a cute name and can be used as a mechanical pet.

MiRo consists of 6 sensors, which allow its head to nod and rotate, ears to move, eyes to blink, and tail to stretch. It is featured with a lot of functions of a real pet animal. For instance, it can watch this world with its bionic eyes, and seek and respond to the physical interactive effect.

8. Generic Robotic

Generic Robotic company for simulation clinical scene

Generic Robotics is a scientific and technical company that aims to make users create, feel, manipulate or alter simulated 3D objects in a virtual environment. The team is developing the first simulative training platform in the world for a medical man with this tech. The SIMUTOUCH offers a comprehensive and reliable system to achieve the natural operating position.

Another well-developed product by Generic Robotic, SIMUTEACH, covers the entire clinical skills. With its help, clinicians from any background can get access to learning. The software is equipped with detailed 3D anatomical models and info related to clinical procedures, which will provide extra benefits for learners in terms of skills or the virtual clinical environment. The team has been updating and maintaining its technology for many years.

7. Botskill

Botskill company for artificial intelligence

Botskill is a very young British company, just founded in 2017. The company is planning to create a SaaS platform that allows users to build a fast no-code chatbot for business, supported by artificial intelligence. Thanks to customization and data visualization, the service is going to a new stage in the market. Botskill will help promote engagement and efficiencies. 

The company, listed on Britbots CROWD, was set up in 2017 by CEO Andy Wilkins and CTO Lee Skyrme. The founders are striving to guide most customers to deal with their concerns with the business enterprise easily.

6. Reach Robotics

Reach Robotics

The robotics company locates in Bristol. In seed funding, it has received about £200,575 funds. Controlled by mobile phones, monster robots were developed by Reach Robotics. Since it was launched in 2014, over 30 prototypes have been created. MekaMon is the first released product for commercial purposes. A smartphone camera was applied to identify and flow up MekaMon through an app. Users can customize the machines to enable players to engage in combat via outstretched reality gaming.

5. Fortem Technologies, Inc.

Fortem Technologies, Inc.

The robot was developed by Fortem Technologies, Inc. which is releasing AI-powered, weighable air, and intelligence system. The Fortem Technology is committed to detecting and defeating criminals and terrorist attacks. It has developed Fortem's TrueView R20, an AI radar platform with the company’s technical core. R20 Radar is the next generation of compact and light radar, which could help manned aircraft or other non-cooperative objects, like birds or other drones.

4. Um, Define Robot

Robot company AI Nemo

The Beijing-based company, AI Nemo, developed the Define Robot, which allows you to communicate with a family member in your absence. In other words, it can help you look after the older generation, especially when the younger generation has to work in another city. From the appearance, it looks more like a desktop computer with a micro webcam and movement ability. It is also integrated with reading text messages and sending emergency information. It can also read aloud text messages and send emergency notifications.

3. ZongMu Technology

ZongMy Tech-Robotics company

Founded in 2013, the Shanghai-based startup ZongMu Technology focuses on self-driving technology. ZongMu is not only good at independent research and development capabilities but also product manufacture. At present, more than 100 creative and passionate employees render services for the company. It is a promising start thanks to its advanced driver assistance systems and long-term tier-one cooperative partners. The company’s revenue increased by nearly 400 times in 2 years, from 2014 to 2016. The revenue growth was attributed to the launch and released sales of the products.

2. Rokid Corporation, Ltd.

Rokid-Chinese robotics company

Rokid Corporation has an office in California, Beijing, and Hangzhou. It was founded in 2014 and has over 70 staff with different educational backgrounds and work experience, e.g. Ph.D., Master's degree in artificial intelligence, robotics field, and others. The company has instituted a research center in Beijing and San Francisco for conducting image processing, face identification, etc. 

In cooperation with Alibaba, Rokid created an open-source platform called Rokid Full Stack Open Platform. In the platform, third-party hardware developers, as well Rokid voice user’s assistants will get access to free resources. The platform was considered a bridge between China and America. American developers get easier access to the Chinese market and encourage the development of Rokid's technology.


Shenzhen YueJiang Technology Co.,Ltd

DOBOT is one of the best robotic arm companies in China. Six industrial robot engineers founded the company. They love AI industries and dream of producing multifunctional desktop robots at a low cost. Its star product - DOBOT Magician is a robotic arm with interchangeable end-heads and extendable interfaces. A full set of Dobot Magician allows you to 3D Print, laser engraving, write & draw, pick & place and more. In addition, DOBOT Magician has a commercial price but with industrial precision. When you need to pick & place, the repeatability error is 0.2 mm.

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