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In the AI era, robots are the intuitive outcome of advanced science and technology. Robots appeal to young people, especially kids. For keeping pace with the development of times, many schools started introducing robots to educate students in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Compared with textbooks full of theories and dogmatic principles, robotic kits are more easily to operate and conduct research on every side. Generally, a multifunctional robot comes with several educational robot kits. What's better is, robotics is not a single course of instruction, they also cover engineering, math, technology and general science concepts.

A new device for teaching-The educational robot arm

Educational robots can be controlled by computer, apps, even via voice or gestures. Robots for teaching purpose are of much concern for delivering lessons in STEM concepts. The STEM is a new format of modern education. A famous research shows that STEM education facilitates the development of cognitive science and raises the ability of operation. In the beginning, the educational robot is mainly introduced by middle and high schools. The fascinating element of Robot is that it can benefit students a whole life, from elementary school up to college courses, even after graduation.

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Stem is a good way to teach students in cross-subjects

The STEM is an abbreviation of four curriculums - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It helps to educate students in these four specific disciplines of Interdisciplinary learning. Unlike teaching the four disciplines as single subjects, STEM combines them into a comprehensive branch of learning based on real-world applications.

What is the objective of educational robotics

Educational Robot can inspire student's operation ability

Educational robot contributes to cultivating the student's thinking model, operation skills and perception for the design, working principle, and application of robots. The type of robot is quite wide and may range from articulated robots to humanoids to "microprocessor on wheels" robots. The application field can be varied based on the target robot users. Some may be suitable for students across the entire school life -- from primary school to graduation. Btw, the programmable robots for education is to motivate student's interest in computer programming.

Initiatives in schools

Educational robots ordinarily are designed to be easy to assemble and safe to manipulate. Robotics feature uncomplicated code and become accessible, even for kids, who have no programming skills. Robotics education was strongly promoted, benefited from road shows, science proseminar, Expo, workshops, camps and cooperated courses. Robots have been brought to the public.

Post-secondary Degree Programs

Between around 1960 and 2005, educational robotics at junior college was originated from electronics courses, these experiences and design projects are classified as a section of traditional academic degree courses, such as mechanics, electronics, industrial engineering or computer programming.

Robotics degree programs in post-secondary school

After that, more institute has attached importance to robotics, and opened robotics course as degree disciplines, which is generally named as "Robotic Engineering". Job related to robotics sometimes doesn't require high education or even a college diploma. The requirement of a bachelor - degree or higher is not higher than 50%. But, as you know, a general four-year undergraduate will get a more considerable salary with ease. An average starting salary for entry-level robotic jobs with bachelor's degree condition was 20 percent higher than the jobs in the non-robotics field.

Robotics offers you a job with higher salaries

Much of courses is attempting to attract underrepresented people. Boys prefer to pursue technology engineering and computer programming, girls are more likely to choose biology, chemistry, literature science and etc. However, this is the current situation, until 2020, more jobs and degree programs related to robotics will be offered.

Here is an all-in-one powerful educational robot arm, which can be used to motivate student's passion no matter in robotics or STEM. Enough to talk, continue read and learn about the multifunctional robot arm.

Dobot Magician - a powerful robot arm for education

Dobot Magician-multifunction robot arm for educational purpose

A truly job-crafting robotic arm in a simple style, it features many practical functions, such as 3D printing, writing and drawing, leap motion, laser carving and etc. It comes with multiple end-effectors heads. Its dedicated App - Dobot Studio, allows it to work in a coding environment. This robotic arm also can be connected to the Arduino platform. Dobot Magician is designed all for your creativity and practical ability. In combination with customized tutorials and lessons, the Magician is the best approach to learn about technology engineering, robotic arms, automation and etc. 

Multifunctional heads

The highlight of Magician is high precision (up to 0.2mm) and interchangeable multifunctional end-heads for users with different requirements: 3D printing, CNC engraving, pick & place, writing and drawing, and more. Combination of these heads produce much more fun and provide a new style of experimental learning without limitation. Plus, it deserved to be mentioned that Dobot Magician is the first consumer-grade robot arm with 3D printing function. 

Cross-subject learning tool

Educational robot-a cross-subject learning tool

The educational robot arm covers programming, mechanics, electronics, and automation. It’s an ideal teaching device in STEAM/STEM lessons education that can simplify conduct instruction knowledge across multiple subjects. You will enjoy the high precision, short and sweet user interface, a wide variety of functions, and extendable possibilities. Dobot Magician's immersive and explorative experience increases interest in science and technology. It’s a good experience when exploring Dobot Magician's unlimited possibilities in science and tech.

Graphical programming environment

Dobot Magician has the most concise and powerful user interface for operation on the market. It is not only equipped with scripting option(Python), but also a diagrammatic programming environment, where you can write codes by simply stacking blocks!

Highly extendable - Makers' first choice

13 standardized extension ports give you many chances to use various head tools. Its extension ability is so powerful that digital/analog I/O, port communication, API access can be connected to it without limitation. With proper developer instructions, you can create your own accessories with different sensor and operate the robotic arm in a smart way.

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