Are You Ready for DOBOT Cobot? -Cheaper to Buy, Easier to Use

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At the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, ie. industry 4.0, improvements in sensing technology have allowed manufacturing robots to come out from behind the safety cages and work alongside human operators.

Known for their safe and intuitive operation, simplified programming, reduced setup time, small footprint, and advanced sensors, cobots allow factories and businesses, big or small, to automate their production tasks with uncompromising quality while keeping the door open for virtually unlimited possibilities for collaborative application scenarios.

As cobots begin to take on larger and more versatile roles, DOBOT sets a new standard of excellence by simplifying robotic automation in an unprecedentedly low risk, low cost and high ROI manner. DOBOT strives to become a key player in Industry 4.0 and change the cobot market dynamics by providing easy-to-use, integrated and affordable access to smart manufacturing for businesses of all sizes.

DOBOT CR5 is easy to program and control, flexible to deploy and fast to set up even for inexperienced operators. It is capable of serving numerous purposes on the assembly line in a secure and more cost-effective manner and thus is much more likely to yield higher ROI and faster paycheck than other legacy cobots. DOBOT CR5 can be customized to suit different applications including machine tending, palletizing, packaging, testing, etc.

DOBOT CR5’s immense adaptability also means that business owners can create unlimited applications during its entire lifespan and continue to enjoy substantial and sustained results. By adopting DOBOT CR5, even small and medium-sized manufacturers are able to smarten their production for higher efficiency and output quality and start earning a competitive edge in a short time. 

How is CR5 Different

Easy to Use, No Prior Know-How Required

  • No programming: teaching by demonstration; with 0.2mm roundness error at 1m/s speed, CR5 can accurately reproduce the motion/trajectory demonstrated by a human without manually programming
  • Easy programming: use visual, drag & drop and block-based programming language including Blockly
  • Multiple intuitive control methods: support mobile APP & control via Wi-Fi as well as teach pendant 

Safe to Work Alongside

Multiple protections: camera entry detection; real-time obstacle avoidance with every-5ms dynamic monitoring, 10cm-proximity pre-touch sensing & online route planning 

Versatile & Highly Adaptable to Ever-Changing Application Needs

Wide compatibility: able to work with mainstream end-effectors and accessories; support chip implantation like Google TPU2 and TensorFlow chips for feature extraction, pattern matching and model training.


  • Economical & durable: no security fence needed; 32,000 hours of service life; low hectowatt-level power consumption
  • Cost-effective: CR5 costs significantly less than similar cobots with uncompromising performance on the market







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