10 Reasons why you should buy a 3d printer for home use

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3D printing often referred to as Stereolithography (SLA), has been in existence since 1980. Speaking about the hi-tech in general, the term "3D printing" is widely used even though Printing is just only a part of the process. As with all witty inventions, 3D printing went through technological development phases before it reached maturity. So, why buy 3D printers? 3D printers are becoming more affordable and easier to use. For users of this technology at home, business places, schools and manufacturing companies the news gets interesting at all times. Today, anyone can print musical instruments, jewelry, household items, and clothing accessories as they enable you to save a lot of money and help you begin a home-based business.

3D printed household items

Technological transitions of the 3D printing

The Infant Stage (1981 to 1999): Chuck Hall actualized his aspirations in the year 1992 and the world welcomed the invention of the first SLA machine.

The Adolescent Stage (1999 to 2010): The general public still was not very well informed about the 3D printing technology, but some members of the public were. The first ever 3D printed organ was achieved in this decade and it was a human bladder.

3D printed organ

The Adult Stage (2011 to present day): There are no limits going forward. The pace at which the technology has soared up in present times is nothing short of spectacular. Apart from the incredible innovations, 3D printing is fast becoming a commonplace asset. Today, anybody can print with several materials apart from plastics.

Industrial robotic arm-Dobot M1

Each model of a 3D printer improves on the design, easy operation and capability for home use, and today’s 3D printers are profitable and good prospective investment machines. The latest top-notch technological advancement was revealed by the advent of the Dobot M1. The Dobot M1 is a highly multifunctional, sophisticated and affordable desktop 3D printer with an arm that can perform 3D printing, soldering, and also engrave objects with a laser, it can also pick up objects and place them back, these and more are the multifunctional capabilities of the Dobot M1. It enables you 3D print small products at home. 3D printers enable you to make some products at home and offers you the flexibility of being able to customize them as you desire.

Reasons to buy a 3D printer for home use

1. Create Phone cases rather than purchase

3D printed iPhone case

A survey conducted recently estimated that the average home could save $300 to $2,000 every year by using a 3D printer such as a Dobot Mooz to make a number of common items instead of purchasing them. The items captured in the survey which people have made and shared with the 3D printing community include a paper towel holder, a garlic press, a showerhead, and an iPhone case.

"The results showed that the RepRap is already an economically attractive investment for the average U.S. household."

Even when making something on your household printer costs as much as buying it, it is much more convenient and satisfying to get the thing without leaving the house or waiting for an online delivery.

2. Fabricate Broken Parts

Fabricate broken parts

Replaceable parts can be so tasking and also expensive to obtain that many only slightly-broken household gadgets and other items get disposed instead of fixed. Often times, availability of spare parts in the company and also the added cost charged by the company to get those parts to you might become a challenge.
One of the several uses of 3D printing is its ability to make spare parts when you don't feel like spending cash on branded items if they are only sold in large quantities, or not available on the market.

3. Fabricate Things to Sell

3D print things to sell

Got a lot of ideas you want to bring into reality in order to earn some bucks? Then 3D printing is your sure bet. There are persons who design and sell custom 3D printed necklaces and earrings to sell them.

4. Invent Something

3D printing and its technological advancement have been embraced by investors. Perhaps if you have ever submitted an idea to manufacturers or engineers, or even taken it to market yourself, you'd attest to the fact that getting a prototype made using conventional methods can cost thousands of dollars.

5. Educate the Children at home

Educate children at home using 3D printer

Been a teacher, a babysitter, a parent or just somebody with kids showing a high level of interest in science, a 3D printer can be a great tool for exploring and getting to learn new facts. The invention of the 3D printer brings along with it great opportunities to use for educating your kids. A 3D printer enables your kids to explore and bring to the realization their ideas and also can be an invaluable resource for learning, which can make science and technology interesting.

6. Make Accessories and Personalized Customized Gifts

3D print accessories

Rather than buy a mass-produced flower vase from the store for any kind of event, you could design and make a 3D print of a customized piece. Getting a 3D printer will enable you to create items with a high degree of personalization. You can choose to download and customize existing designs, or if you have the background know-how, you can design and print 3D objects from scratch.

7. 3D Printing can be Eco- friendly

Eco 3D printing

3D printing technology has been adopted by many manufacturing companies as a low-cost alternative to conventional methods of printing; of course, the savings results in a more environmental- friendly economy. Goods that used to be transported around the globe can now be 3D printed locally by consumers, which in turn do not only save cost but reduce fuel emissions as well.

Another advantage of 3D printing at home is that parts designed and made will only make use of the actual amount of material needed. Conventionally manufactured injection parts produce lots of waste. In the case of a 3D print, even when it fails, you can reuse the already printed material using a filament recycler that firstly shreds the part into very little strands of plastic and then melts it into a brand new spool of filament.

8. Decorate and Lighten up your Home

Decorate home using 3D printer

A 3D printer allows you to decorate your home with items, colors, and styles that you'd desire. You can design and print your own television stand, flower vases, photo frames, etc. and add desired touches and conceived designs that wouldn’t be produced by hand or purchased at the supermarket. For special holidays like Christmas - you can design and 3D print ornaments for the tree and baskets for gifts, for Valentine's Day – shaped hearts.

10. 3D Printing Promotes Family Bonding

3D print photo frames for family

3D printing also promotes family bonding. You can design and 3D print photo frames for family photos. One very crucial part is there will always be a project for every one member of the family. This valuable time spent designing and printing from scratch to finish is where family bonding really comes into play as members of the family can also share ideas, views and also innovations. Parents could also assign specific roles for their kids to play in the process. This innovative and remarkable technological feat is, of course, a wonderful new activity for you get bonded with your member of your family for years to come.

Powerful all-in-one 3D printer for home use

All-in-one 3D printer

3D printing technology has proven to be innovative and has found relevance in homes. If you have decided to buy a 3D printer, to begin experiencing this intelligent and home- friendly piece of technology to get desired results at optimized time and cost with amazing features, you can try Dobot Mooz because of its high-tech and topnotch performance, features and functions that gives it an edge over its competitors in the market.

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