Conveyor Belt Kit Specifications

Conveyor Belt
Payload500 g
Effective delivering distance600 mm
Maximum speed120 mm/s
Maximum acceleration1100 mm/s²
Net Weight4.2 kg
Weight (including packing)5.34 kg
Dimension700 mm × 215 mm × 60 mm
Distance measuring sensor unit
Measurable range20 ~ 150 mm
SignalAnalog Output
Input4.5 - 5.5 V
Color recognizing sensor unit
Input3~5 V
Detectable: non-glowing object
White LED embedded, on/off controllable

Conveyor Belt Shipping List

Mini Conveyor Belt

Photoelectric switch

Color Sensor


(1) M4/M5 Hexrench Included X1

Assembly Instructions

(1) Foam Blocks X40

(2) Demo Positioning Board X1

(3) User Manual X1

The package include: Mini conveyor belt, Photoelectric switch, Color sensor, Toolkit and Attachment. We don't cover the customs tax.