7.1.1        Routine Inspection

Due to the temperature, humidity, dust and vibration, the components will be aged, leading to reducing product service life. Performing maintenance inspections and procedures properly is essential for preventing trouble and ensuring safety. Especially in high temperature environment, frequently start-stop scenario, and other special scenarios, you need to shorten the inspection period.

To ensure product function and safety, please check the following items daily.


Operating state

Inspection point


External cable


Ÿ   Check whether cables are damaged or cracked

Ÿ  check whether cables are loose, dirty or polled out

Ÿ   If the cables are damaged or cracked, please repair or replace them timely

Ÿ  If the cables are loose or polled out, please plug them properly

Ÿ  If the cables are dirty, please clean them timely

Bolt, screw


Ÿ   Check whether the bolts on the end effector are loose

Ÿ   Check whether the bolts on the base are loose

If the bolts are loose, please tighten them



Please check  the covers of robotic arm are flawed

If that happens, please replace them timely



Check whether robotic arm is shaken

Ÿ   If the connections are abnormal, please reconnect them

Ÿ   If the screws are loose, please tighten them

Emergency stop switch, LED indicators and buttons


Check whether the LED indicators are displayed normally and emergency stop switch is working regularly

If that happens, please replace the corresponding components timely


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