6.9.1        Managing Offline File

You can upload the scripts, the blockly programs, or the saved points lists that have been saved on a local PC to Dobot M1 using the web management, to perform offline operation.

After making Dobot M1 in offline mode using the web management, Dobot M1 will be disconnected from M1Studio. You need to switch the operation mode of Dobot M1 using the web management.


Ÿ   You have started M1Studio.

Ÿ   You have connected Dobot M1 to a PC over network cable or router, and the IP address of Dobot M1 and the PC must be in the same network segment. For details, please see 5.2.4Connecting Network Cable.

Ÿ   You have powered on Dobot M1.

Ÿ   You have saved the scripts, the blockly programs, or the saved points lists.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to an emergency stop switch.

Application Scenario

If Dobot M1 need to be running in offline mode, please use the web management.


Step 1         Select the corresponding IP address from the IP drop-down list on the upper left pane of the M1Studio page.

Step 2         Select Tools > Web Management on the M1Studio page.

The Web Management page is displayed.

Step 3         Select Offline Script Management in the navigation tree on the left.

The Offline Script Management page is displayed.

Step 4         Click Add File.

The Add File page is displayed.

Step 5         Click Select Upload File.

The uploaded file dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure 6.34.

Figure 6.34  Upload files


Step 6         Select files which need to be offline executed in the folder that contains offline files, and click Open.

Only support the files, of which the suffixes are .playback, .blockly, and .script.

Step 7         Click Upload. You can view the status, as shown in Figure 6.35.

Figure 6.35 Status of Uploading


Step 8         Select the uploaded files that need to be offline executed on the Offline Script Management page, and click Offline to make the files in offline mode, as shown in Figure 6.36.

Figure 6.36  Status of the uploaded files


Step 9         Select Home in the navigation three on the left.

The Home page is displayed.

Step 10      Select Offline Mode from the drop-down list on the Mode Switch Controlling pane of the Home page, and click Start to make Dobot M1 in the Offline Mode status, as shown in Figure 6.37. Dobot M1 is disconnected from M1Studio, and Dobot M1 can be running according to the files that are in offline mode.

Figure 6.37  Status of Dobot M1


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