6.6      Operating 3D Printing


Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been powered on.

Ÿ   You have connected Dobot M1 to a PC over network cable or router, and the IP address of Dobot M1 and the PC must be in the same network segment. For details, please see 5.2.4 Connecting Network Cable.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to an emergency stop switch.

Ÿ   The 3D printing kit has been installed. For details, please see 3.3.2 Installing 3D Printing Kit.

Ÿ   Slice software Cura has been installed. The download path is https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software/list.

Please download the recommended version V15.04.6. The way how to install and use is not descripted in this topic.

Ÿ   The 3D printing model and the firmware have been prepared.

Ÿ   The printing platform has been prepared and please place it in the workspace.


If SN number of Dobot M1 is DT2118xxxxx and later numbers, please switch 3D printing mode directly to start 3D printing without update. If you need to update 3D printing firmware, please see 6.9.2 Upgrading Firmware.

xxx indicates the random number, please replace it based on site requirements.


Step 1         Select the corresponding IP address from the IP drop-down list on the upper left pane of the M1Studio page and click Connect.

If Connect turns to Disconnect, the connection is successful.

Step 2         Click the  icon of Motor on the Operation Panel, and move Dobot M1 by hand to make Dobot M1 move to the position where the X-axis value is 330mm.

Step 3         Switch the 3D printing firmware.

1.         Select Tools > Web Management on the M1Studio page.

The Web management page is displayed.

2.         Select Home in the navigation three on the left.

The Home page is displayed.

3.         Select 3D printing Mode from the drop-down list on the Mode Switch Controlling pane of the Home page and click Switch, as shown in Figure 6.19.

Figure 6.19  Switch 3D printing


During switching, the green LED indicator will keep on. After completion, the green LED indictor will be blinking and Current Mode is changed to 3D Printing Mode, as shown in Figure 6.20.

Figure 6.20 Complete 3D printing switching


Step 4         Set slice parameters.

1.         Unplug the network cable between the Dobot M1 and PC, and connect Dobot M1 and PC with the USB to serial line.

2.         Select Machine > settings on the Cura page.

The Machine settings page is displayed.

3.         Set the corresponding parameters on the Machine settings and click OK, as shown in Figure 6.21. Table 6.8 lists the values of the parameters that need to be set. The other parameters are set by default.

Figure 6.21 Parameters setting

Table 6.8  3D printing parameters description



Maximum width

The maximum width

please set to 80mm

Maximum depth

The maximum with

please set to 80mm

Maximum height

The maximum height

Please set to 150mm

Machine center 0,0

Machine center, please select it

GCode Flavor

The style of GCode

Please select RepRap Marlin/Sprinter

Build area shape

Build the area shape

Please select Circular

Serial port

Serial port

Please select the corresponding serial port


Baud rate

Please set to 115200



The maximum width of 3D printing that Dobot M1 supports is 200mm, the maximum depth is 200mm, and the maximum height is 220mm. Please make 3D-print in the Dobot M1 workspace.


4.         Set slice parameters, and select File > Open Profile to import these parameters, as shown in Figure 6.22.

Figure 6.22  Import slice parameters

The 3D printing effect depends on the slice parameters. This topic provides a configuration sample, you can import it directly for printing.

The path of the configuration sample is Installation directory\M1Studio(Windows)Vxxx\DobotStudio\attachment, as shown in Figure 6.23.

xxx indicates the version of M1Studio. Please replace it based on site requirements.

Figure 6.23  Configuration sample


Dobot-2.0-Vase.ini is used for printing a thin-walled vase, while Dobot-2.0-ini is used for the filling, the filling rate is 20%.

5.         Click , the Open 3D model page is displayed, and select the 3D printing model prepared.

The format of 3D model is STL. You can design 3D model and transform it into STL format.

After importing the model, click the model itself, you can place it in the middle, zoom or rotate, and so on, as shown in Figure 6.24.

Figure 6.24  Zoom and rotate

6.         Click  to connect Dobot M1.

The printing window is displayed and the current printing temperature is shown on the top corner of the window, as shown in Figure 6.25.

Figure 6.25  Printing window


7.         Set Temperature to 200 and press down Enter to heat the extruder.

The temperature of the extruder should be above 170℃. Dobot M1 will not start 3D printing until the filament is in the melting state. So you need to heat the extruder first.


The heating rod will produce high temperature up to 250℃, please be careful. Do not let children play with it alone. The process needs to be monitored when it is running. After the process is completed, please turn off the equipment promptly.


Step 5         Test the extruder.

Before printing, you need to test the extruder to check whether the melted filament flows from the nozzle of the extruder.

Click the feedstock extruder or click the given stepper, such as 10, 1, 0.1 (10 is recommended) on the Operational page and feed up to 10mm-30mm, as shown in Figure 6.26.

Figure 6.26  Click feedstock extruder


If the melted filament flows from the nozzle of the extruder, the extruder is working properly.

Step 6         Adjust the printing space and get printing coordinates.

1.         Click -Z or Click 10, 1, 0.1 to move Dobot M1 to the position where the distance from nozzle to the printing platform is about 0.3mm, as shown in Figure 6.27.

Figure 6.27  Move Z-axis



During printing, if the distance from Dobot M1 to the printing platform is too large or too small to paste the first layer, it can lead to the nozzle blockage. For increasing the stickiness of the first layer, placing a masking paper on the platform is recommended.


2.         Input command M415 on the lower right of the Operational page to save the printing coordinates, as shown in Figure 6.28.

Figure 6.28  Input command M415


Step 7         Click Print, Dobot M1 moves to the printing origin (System setting) and starts to print.


If the yellow LED indicator is always on when printing, the connection between Dobot M1 and 3D printing kit is poor. Please check the connection and restart Dobot M1.


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