6.5      Operating Laser Engraving


Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been powered on.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to a PC successfully.

Ÿ   The laser kit has been installed. For details, please see 3.3.1 Installing Laser Engraving Kit.

Ÿ   The picture to be engraved and materials to be processed have been prepared.

Ÿ   The lasing protective eyeglass has been prepared.


Step 1         Select Tools > Laser Engraving on the M1Studio page.

The Laser Engraving page is displayed, as shown in Figure 6.16.


Figure 6.16  Laser Engraving GUI

Step 2         Click Open on the Laser Engraving page, and select the picture to be engraved, as shown in Figure 6.17.

The picture (such as BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and so on) is supported.

Figure 6.17  Import picture



Ÿ   The imported picture should be placed in the annular region, as shown in Figure 6.17. If not, it is unable to engrave normally and the border of the imported picture will be highlighted in red.

Ÿ   The annular region depends on arm orientation. Please adjust the imported picture according to the real annular region. Figure 6.17 shows the annular region when arm orientation is left.


Step 3         Click Setting on the Laser Engraving page.

The Laser Setting page is displayed.

Please set the laser engraving parameters based on site requirements.

Table 6.7  Laser engraving parameters



CP Vel/ CP Acc

Set the rate of CP velocity and acceleration

PTP Vel/ PTP Jerk

Set the rate of PTP velocity and jerk

Grayscale Range

Set the grayscale range

Value range: 0-255

Laser Power Range

Set the laser power range

Value range: 2-100

Laser Height

Set the laser height

Border Width

Set the border width of the picture

Value range: 0-50


Set XBias




Step 4         Select Laser On on the Laser Engraving page and adjust focus.

Please wear the lasing protective eyeglass before adjusting focus.

Click the  icon of Motor on the Operation Panel pane of the M1Studio page and move Dobot M1 by hand to a proper height, to make the laser dot on the material burn the brightest. When the laser power is enough, you can view burn marks on the material.


Ÿ   Please wear the lasing protective eyeglass before adjusting focal length.

Ÿ   If the focal length still cannot focus, you can rotate clockwise the focal length of the laser head to adjust, as shown in Figure 6.18.


Figure 6.18  Adjust focus


Ÿ   The laser can heat objects when it is in a focused state, so objects like paper or wood can be burned.

Ÿ   Do not focus the laser on people or animals.

Ÿ   Do not let children play with it alone. The process needs to be monitored when it is running. After the process is completed, please turn off the laser promptly.


Step 5         Click the  icon of Motor on the Operation Panel to make Dobot M1 in the open-loop state.

Step 6         Click AtutoZ on the Laser Engraving page to obtain the current Z-axis value.

After performing this step, you will not need to adjust the focus manually when you engrave next time. You can click SyncPos directly after importing picture.

Step 7         Click SyncPos, Dobot M1 will move into the top position of the starting point automatically.

Step 8         Click Start to start engraving.

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