2.1      Overview

Dobot Master 1st generation robotic arm (Dobot M1 for short) focuses on the light industrial market with great potential, and supports teaching, playback, script control, blockly graphic programming, laser engraving, 3D printing, vision identity and other functions, which is flexibly used in intelligent sorting, circuit board soldering and other automatic production lines, so that it can become the sword to solve practical problems for light industrial users, and can also become the platform to carry the imagination of the maker. Dobot M1 has the following characteristics.

Ÿ   The integrated design of the driver and controller without external controller simplifies the process of the initial installation and deployment.

Ÿ   The perfect calibration of servo motor, harmonic reducer and kinematic algorithm inside Dobot M1 bring out the best of strength and speed.

Ÿ   The rated load is 1.5kg, and the repeatability is 0.02mm.

Ÿ   Various I/O and communication interfaces are provided for secondary development.

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