6.4      Operating Blockly


Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been powered on.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to a PC successfully.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to an emergency stop switch.

Application Scenario

Blockly is a programming platform based on Google Blockly. You can program through the puzzle format, which is straightforward and easy to understand.


Step 1         Select Tools > Blockly on the M1Studio page.

The Blockly page is displayed.

Step 2         Drag the blockly module on the left pane of the Blockly page to program, as shown in Figure 6.15.

Figure 6.15  Blockly graphic programming



Only MOVL and JUMP modes are supported when programming. If you use the motion command when programming, please add the orientation command before every motion command, which indicates the arm orientation of Dobot M1.


Table 6.6  Description of blockly module




The selection area of blockly module, including logistic, loop, math, and Dobot API. You can program by dragging them to the window.


The window of blockly programming


The running log of Dobot M1


The corresponding codes of the blockly module on the programming window


Step 3         Click Save on the Blockly page.

The Save Blockly File page is displayed.

Step 4         Input the use-defined name and the saving path, and click Save. The default path of the programing file is Installation directory/M1Studio/config/bystore. Please replace the path based on site requirements.

Step 5         Click Start on the Blockly page, and Dobot M1 will move according to the program.

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